Yoga wheels are a vital exercising tool when it comes to boosting your flexibility and improving your physical wellbeing.

To help you buy yoga wheels that suit you, we’ve scoured through the yoga community and handpicked our favourite items currently on the market right now!


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11 Best Yoga Wheels

#1 – Flamin’ Fitness Yoga Wheel

Price: £34.99

Best yoga wheels

This yoga wheel from Flamin’ Fitness ticks all the right boxes when it comes to quality and performance. Standing at 33cm tall and 13cm wide, it’s a decent sized wheel that should cater to most body types. 

The inner circle is crafted from a sturdy and resilient high-quality plastic to retain its shape, whilst the outer rim is coated in rubber. 

This rubbery grip will help you from slipping off the wheel even when you’re sweating, which could often lead to serious injury, so it’s a valuable benefit to have.

The colour choices range from 8 vibrant designs, all of which are sure to help you stand out from the crowd!

With more than 2 dozen 5-star yoga wheel reviews, this reliable product is one likely to meet your every need. As it nails all the basics, it’s an excellent all round choice, making it a great pick for anyone looking to invest in their first yoga wheel. 

If they wish, UK buyers can also pay slightly extra for express delivery with tracking.

#2 – Yoga Matters Design Lab Wheel

Price: £52

Best yoga wheels uk

Although one of the more expensive wheels on our list, this yoga accessory more than justifies its heavy price tag. 

The outer coat of the wheel is crafted with all-natural, eco-friendly cork, making it great for the environment. This cork is engraved in Bali-inspired designs, ensuring you tap into your true yoga spirit. 

The outer cork is sturdy and firm but also padded. This means the wheel strikes a great balance between feeling solid yet comfortable against your muscles. 

This compact design is shown in the weight of the wheel. Sitting at 1.4kg, this places it at the ideal middle ground of not being too heavy but also not light enough to feel flimsy. 

With a width of 13.5 cm, this beautifully crafted wheel is one you simply can’t go without, and is one of the best yoga wheels UK customers can buy!

#3 – Mano Mano Mandala Flower Yoga Wheel

Price: £111.75

Buy yoga wheels

When comparing yoga wheels, you’ll see Mano Mano took an untraditional approach when it came to designing their product. This particular item is less of a wheel and more of a semicircle. 

The flat base gives this product an advantage over regular wheels as it doesn’t move at all. This is a huge benefit for yoga newcomers as the added stability from the flat base gives you the confidence to try more advanced moves without worrying the wheel will roll beneath you.

The versatility provided by its shape allows this unconventional yoga wheel to be used for a whole host of yoga-based activities. You could use it for pilates, balance exercises, and even to receive the benefits of strength training to enhance your core, legs and back. 

Coated in an outer layer of cork, this large wheel is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The cork is antimicrobial, meaning it won’t absorb any toxins or germs from sweat or a dirty floor. 

Striking a great balance between buoyant and resilient, this wheel is bound to raise your yoga game to the next level!

#4 – FITLIT Yoga Wheel

Price: £19.99

Best yoga wheels

Helping you achieve deeper Yoga stretches, attempt more challenging poses, and reduce injury, the FITLIT Yoga Wheel offers support and creativity.

With a weight of 1.8kg and 33cm diameter, 14cm width, and 1.5cm thickness, this yoga wheel is perfect for both beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners.

This versatile Yoga Prop helps release tension and improve posture, giving you the option to lie on it or roll with it. Designed to help you stretch and release muscle tightness in your back, chest, shoulders, and abdomen, the FITLIT yoga wheel helps develop strength, balance, and flexibility.

Covered in both anti-bacterial padding and 6mm of eco-friendly TPE foam, you’ll feel comfortable rolling this yoga wheel between your shoulders and under your feet.

Ideal for home, gym, or studio use, this lightweight yoga wheel fits into your gym bag and can be easily transported anywhere!

#5 – Sweaty Betty Yogi Bare Wheel

Price: £45

Yoga wheels for back pain

As one of the best yoga wheels you can find, the ‘yogi bare’ wheel is on the thicker side. With a diameter of 33cm and thickness of 1.6cm, this larger frame supports more of your body, meaning the wheel takes on a crutch role.

This is a great perk for beginners who may not have the advanced core or leg strength required to pull off the more difficult yoga moves, purely because the wheel takes more of your weight and adds additional support.

The cork outline comes in a sublime leafy pattern, bound to make you feel as relaxed as if you were practicing at a yoga retreat

This material will also help your body stick to the wheel, preventing you from sliding around, which is the last thing you need when you’re trying to focus. Cork is also easy to clean and maintain, which is especially important for an exercise tool considering how sweaty you may become when you use your kit.

#6 – URBNFit Yoga Wheel

Price: £14.95

cheap yoga wheels

Although it’s the cheapest piece of yoga gear on our list, this doesn’t mean the URBNFit mobility wheel has less to offer – quite the opposite, in fact!

This yoga wheel is designed with recovery in mind. The outer layer is covered in a reinforced foam with a bumpy surface of small ridges. 

These ridges play a huge role in helping you recover from injury and improve your general flexibility, massaging your muscles as you manoeuvre.

As you move, you’ll experience everything this wheel has to offer as it helps tackle any knots in your muscles and stimulate them, promoting recovery. 

Its available colours of slick baby blue and black, which suggest calmness and tranquility, which is important to your yoga practice as it’s as much about the mental benefits of exercise as it is about the physical benefits. 

#7 – MygaEco Vegan Natural Cork Wheel

Price: £32.99

Comparing yoga wheels

This beautifully crafted handmade bespoke wheel boasts eco-friendly and vegan origins, which is great considering it still matches the quality of a standard plastic wheel. 

If you still have reservations about the wheel being handmade – fear not! Rated at an extremely impressive 4.9 stars with over 600 customer feedback ratings, this makes it a tried and tested product, beloved by the yoga community. 

The engraved cork outer layer is covered in traditional Bali patterns, evoking the origins of yoga to help get you in the mood.

With a large diameter of 33cm, you’ll want to ensure it’s not too big for you before you buy this yoga wheel. The wheel is recommended for those between 5’4’’ and 5’10’’, so if you’re taller or shorter than this specification, it may be more beneficial to find another yoga wheel.

UK customers also get the added benefit of free shipping and delivery, so you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs.

#8 – Gorilla Sports Yoga Wheel

Price: £47.99

premium yoga mobility wheel

Coming in 4 vibrant colours of red, pink, blue, and green, you’ll be standing out with the Gorilla Sports yoga wheel. This is a pretty large wheel, measuring in at just under 33cm in diameter with a decent width of 13cm, making it a pretty standard size among larger wheels.

Despite being a larger wheel, it’s still very light and mobile. Weighing in at a breezy 1.25kg, you can take this on the go with little to no effort involved.

This is ideal for yoga in the park on a hot summer’s day, so you can find peace and tranquillity in your surroundings. 

Being of a lighter build, this wheel can’t take as much weight as some of our other picks. However, 200kg of resistance should be more than enough for you to get a lot of use out of this product without it bending, breaking or losing its form.

#9 – Acumobility Ultimate Yoga Wheel

Price: £59.99

Acumobility has crafted one of the ultimate therapeutic yoga wheels for back pain. The wheel is coated in bumps to soothe your muscles and help fix back problems. 

Designed by an actual chiropractor, this bump-patterned wheel will relieve spinal stress and increase your back’s general mobility as it massages the area surrounding your spine.

This is a great choice as it combines the exercise benefits you receive from a yoga wheel with the muscle therapy techniques you find in a foam roller, making it the best of both worlds.

With a diameter of a decent 28cm, once again this wheel strikes a good balance of being big enough to cover a large area of your back while being small enough to transport without hassle. 

As one of the toughest yoga wheels out there, being able to withstand the incredible pressure of 1000 lbs, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of this therapeutic piece of yoga kit.

If you’re still unsure about this yoga wheel, reviews from previous customers should put your mind at ease. Scoring 4.5 stars from just under 3500 ratings, the level of customer satisfaction is remarkable.

This is definitely something you should take into consideration when choosing the right yoga wheel for you.

#10 – MyYogaWheels Trigger Point Massage Wheel

Price: £44.95

The Trigger Point yoga wheel is coated in an extremely tough, rigid foam designed to fit around your spine and prod your back muscles. It’s ideal to use post-workout as you’ll deeply massage the muscles you’ve worked, prompting them to recover much faster.

This ridged build will hug around your spine as you perform your yoga moves, providing you not only with support but also relieving any built-up pressure in your back, boosting your flexibility with every exercise.

As this wheel is designed with working out in mind, it’s among the bigger sizes on our list with a 34cm diameter. This is to elevate you off the ground and engage your core, as well as giving you more freedom in your movements as you have more space to stretch out.

If it’s high-quality assurance you’re after, MyYogaWheels also offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can safely pick it up and give it a test run.

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Benefits of a Yoga Wheel

The best yoga wheels provide plenty of benefits to your physical wellbeing, going far and beyond simply improving your yoga techniques. To help you understand what you’d be getting out of a yoga wheel, we’ve broken down the main benefits below!

#1 – Improved Flexibility

Yoga Wheel

Using a yoga wheel to shape your body around will greatly improve your flexibility. This is because their rounded shape promotes what can sometimes be intense body movements. 

These positions will, over time, improve flexibility and lead to an array of health benefits.

For example, you’ll be less prone to injuries like pulling a muscle after a harsh, jerking movement, as your body will already be used to being put under strain by your yoga wheel.

#2 – You Can Complete More Advanced Movements

Best Yoga Wheels

The yoga wheel can often be used as less of an accessory to an exercise and more of a crutch to a particularly difficult movement.

By using a wheel to practice a yoga position you couldn’t achieve naturally, you’ll be improving your skills. You will eventually get the strength and support provided by the wheel within your legs and core.

The wheel acts as scaffolding as you contort yourself, granting safety and security as well as acting as a guide to show you proper technique.

#3 – Aids Back Pain

Yoga Wheel Reviews

A common practice by yoga enthusiasts is using yoga wheels for back pain. By stretching your back on a wheel, you can help untie any knots in your muscles that may be causing you irritation or even shooting pains.

This is especially effective when you use a wheel with a textured surface, as the small points will prod your muscles and massage them as you move, soothing knots and alleviating soreness.

They’re also good for your spine, too. By rolling your back along a wheel, you could crack your back which will relieve pressure, preventing your bones from feeling tight and rigid.

#4 – Improves Posture

Best Yoga Wheels UK

Improving your flexibility, back strength, and mobility are all factors that contribute to a stronger posture. 

Posture is an extremely important quality and there are many benefits of good posture. Not only will good posture prevent you from developing back issues, but it’s been proven to boost confidence too. 

Yoga is all about enhancing your physical and mental health, and great posture promotes both of these.

#5 – Aids Relaxation

Yoga Wheel UK

Yoga is designed to reduce stress and put your mind and body at ease, and a wheel is a great tool to emphasise the relaxing sensation. 

This is because the wheel can help you retain difficult positions for longer as it’s a support tool. This means your muscles will be impacted more as the wheel soothes and massages them, making you feel relaxed as they’re relieved of pain.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Wheel

Yoga Wheel

When picking out the right yoga wheel for you, you need to be aware of the qualities and properties they possess and how you can find one that fits your individual needs. 

There are 5 key elements you need to consider when choosing the best yoga wheels for you, starting with:


Yoga wheels for back pain

The ideal wheel size is everything. This one choice could determine whether or not you have a worthwhile time using your wheel.

This is pretty straightforward to get right. If you’re on the shorter side, maybe consider getting a smaller wheel. If you get something too big, you might not be able to manage it for some positions. 

The contrary applies here too as if a wheel is too small, you may not be getting the full range of movement in your stretch.

Find something that fits your height appropriately. This information can often be recommended by the seller, so keep an eye out online or ask in store.

Another thing to keep in mind is wheel width. If a wheel is too thin for you, it could actually be uncomfortable. This is because all of your bodyweight will be getting crushed against a small surface area, creating an unpleasant pressure.

Similarly, if the width is too wide for you, then you won’t be receiving enough pressure, so your muscles won’t feel worked during your yoga exercises.


Best yoga wheels

Wheel design determines a variety of properties such as how easy it is to clean and maintain, how tough it feels, and even how much you can immerse yourself in your workout.

Cleaning your wheel is a vital factor when looking for the right design. Most wheels are designed with either a cork coating or a foam coating. In this case, the cork will be easier to clean than the foam as it’s less absorbent. If this is an issue for you, ensure you choose carefully.

Material design also matters when it comes to the feel of your wheel. If you’re looking for something a little firmer to really help get rid of those muscle knots, then maybe cork is the better choice for you. 

However, if you want something a little softer and spongier, then go for a foam coating instead.

Of course, practical design is important to consider, but visual design plays a larger role than you might expect in the effectiveness of a yoga wheel. 

If you want to immerse yourself in the activity, it could help to find something with a calming design, such as floral carvings. This will subtly help put your mind at ease as you get into your exercise.


Yoga Wheels

Maintaining a good grip on your yoga wheel is necessary to complete exercises and yoga movements properly. 

Whether you’re relying on a standard grip with your hands, or gripping a wheel with your back, stomach or leg, you need to ensure there’s a decent amount of friction to keep you in place and prevent you from toppling head over heel.

This is particularly important when it comes to more elaborate yoga moves, as one slip could potentially result in serious injuries.

It’s important  to try and find something coarse or studded that’s also water and sweat-resistant for the best results whilst gripping your yoga wheel.


Yoga wheel

Most yoga wheels are exactly shaped like that! They’re perfectly circular, offering a solid level of resilience, balance, and manoeuvrability. They’re a tried and trusted shape to go for if you’re unsure.

However, for beginners this manoeuvrability can be quite tricky to manage, and they may need something a little more secure to the ground to get themselves up and running.

If this is the case, you might want to try a semicircle shaped yoga wheel. The flat base will remain secured to the ground as you use the rounded top. You’ll have safety and security as you perform the basics, allowing you to quickly learn before moving onto more advanced moves.


Best Yoga Wheels

Last but not least, you’ll need to find a yoga wheel that’s sturdy and tough. Almost every wheel will have information conveying the maximum weight limit it can hold, so you want to find something that’s pretty tough.

Even though a lot of yoga wheels will say their maximum limit is, for example 100kg, this measurement is the most weight the wheel can take before breaking. 

However, some more flimsy, low-quality wheels can actually start to bend and become misshapen as they get closer and closer to the weight limit, making this information accurate.

Make sure to select a wheel that has plenty of weight capacity to spare to prevent this from happening, as it’s extremely difficult for a yoga wheel to return to their original shape once they’ve been dented.

Yoga Wheel Sizes

Finding the right size can be tricky if you don’t know what to expect, so we’ve broken down the sizes of all the products on our list to help you when comparing yoga wheels to find what’s best for your needs.

Yoga wheels


Which size yoga wheel is the best?

Comparing Yoga Wheels

There isn’t really a universal answer for this question. The bottom line is, you need to find what works best for you. The 2 main factors you should consider are your own size and what yoga moves you’ll be doing with your wheel.

If you’re a very short person, it’s probably a safe bet to go for something smaller so you have full control of the wheel and can use it to its full potential.

If the exercises you’ll be doing are more appropriate for a smaller wheel, then you should go for that. In case you want to do a variety of yoga moves that require large and small wheels, it’s better to buy two separate ones to cover all bases.

Also, checking out yoga wheel reviews is a great way to find out what’s generally the best product, so keep an eye out for those 5-star ratings!

Is a yoga wheel better than a foam roller?

Buy Yoga Wheels

The short answer here is – probably not. 

Yoga wheels are limited in their ability to soothe your muscles as they’re best suited for your back, and tailored more towards helping you complete elaborate yoga moves by providing support and security.

Foam rollers, on the other hand, are made specifically to reduce stress in your muscles, and they’re small enough so you can use them practically anywhere on your body.

So, if you’re looking for something to remedy muscle pain across your body, then a foam roller will help you as you recover. Alternatively, you could just find yoga wheels for back pain.

What muscles does a yoga wheel work?

Yoga Wheels for Back Pain

Yoga wheels will work your full body if you use them for a variety of yoga positions. This includes arms, chest, back, legs, and core to generalise, but you can target more specific areas of your body with niche exercises.

Using a wheel is a great way to tone yourself, as they allow you to push your body beyond its normal ability due to the added support. 

Comparing yoga wheels to find the most effective product for muscle toning is recommended to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

Before You Go!

We hope we’ve helped you with not only buying a yoga wheel that fits your needs, but also that you’ve learned a thing or two about the effectiveness of the best yoga wheels.

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