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Desperate to learn how to get a summer body? You’re in the right place!

With our expert knowledge in fitness and nutrition, we’re eager to talk you through how to get a summer body fast, especially as the summer months are approaching.

Stick with our step-by-step guide to find out everything from the best summer body diet ideas to how to sustain your progress after you’ve reached your goals.  

No more fad diets or hours spent on the treadmill!

Step 1 – Stay Hydrated

Step 2 – Summer Body Diet

Step 3 – Summer Body Workout

Step 4 – How to Get a Summer Body – Get Some Sleep!

Step 5 – Record your Progress

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#1 – How to Get a Summer Body: Stay Hydrated!

Keeping yourself properly hydrated should be the first step on your list when learning how to get a summer body! And it isn’t just for the weight loss benefits…

The best way to get in shape for summer is to take it one step at a time. Bottom line. We’ve all fell into the trap of fad diets, and we all know that the results we get are short-lived.

If you follow our step-by-step guide in steps, then you’ll not only get the summer body that you’ve been dreaming of, but you’ll never have to work for it again.

That’s right. It’s yours forever!

how to get a summer body: infuser bottle

So, why is hydration so important?

First off, it’s an easy one to start with. Assuming you want to follow all of our steps to get in shape for summer, this one will be a great start to getting into the right healthy habits.

And by this, we mean learning the secrets behind learning how to get a summer body, and what it takes to stick it out to the end.  

There are actually a few reasons, so let’s take a quick look.

  • Water is great for boosting your metabolism and keeping hunger at bay
  • Switching sugary drinks for water will reduce your caloric intake as well as helping you to consume less saturated fat (which is the biggest contributor to belly fat!)
  • It’s great for your overall health and will make you feel more alert and energised
  • It reduces the chances of headaches and kidney stones… you can’t complain at that!

If we don’t have you convinced yet (we know, some of you aren’t keen on plain water), here are some tips on making hydration a little more interesting when learning how to get a summer body.

One thing to do is get an infuser water bottle. With one of these, you can make your own flavoured water with fruit which will encourage you to drink more!

You can get them for as cheap as £3 online, or in your local supermarket.

Fresh fruits like strawberries, berries, oranges, lemons, limes, etc. work really well, so there’s plenty of choice.

If you struggle to cut out caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, then you can always try green tea or herbal tea to substitute some of your daily intakes!

how to get a summer body: green tea graphic

Green tea is rumoured to boost metabolism and aid fat loss. However, even if this isn’t true then it is packed with antioxidants and therefore detoxes your body alongside a healthy diet.

It’s also a good alternative to drinking only water throughout the day and can help with rehydration.

3-5 cups per day is a good amount!

How much water should I drink?

The short answer is around 2-4 litres per day. This is a safe amount and certainly enough to maintain a good level of hydration. If you have a high activity level, then you should stick to the higher end of this amount.

However, if you want a more accurate prediction of the amount of water you should be drinking, you can use this Water Intake Calculator.

#2 – Summer Body Diet

If you want to know how to get a summer body, then this is the area that you need to focus on the most.

Ever been discouraged by dieting? The truth is, we all have. That’s why you’ll be glad to know that our summer body diet tips don’t involve starving yourself or living off meal replacement shakes.

With the right summer body diet you’ll find the foods that suit you and your lifestyle, and a lifestyle is exactly what it will turn into.

It needs to be sustainable to work. You might shed the pounds on a fad diet, but you can be certain that they’ll climb back on as soon as you cave in.

Our Level 4 nutrition course can certainly help you to gain more knowledge in the area, and even take you on a new career path.

how to get a summer body: healthy chicken meal

Nutrition, a.k.a a summer body diet counts for 80% of your progress when getting in shape, and that leaves exercise with 20%. Most people are shocked by this, but it’s true!

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t commit to a summer body workout routine, which we’ll go through later in this article. It means that nutrition is the first aspect to nail, and the one that has the most impact.

You can do 1000 pushups, but you won’t lose much body fat if you go and eat everything you can afterwards. With our help you’ll know how to get a summer body fast, and how to maintain it!

How many times a day should I eat?

With all of the conflicting information out there, it can be hard to gauge how many meals you should eat per day.

When it comes to finding out how to get a summer body, you would assume that the amount of meals that you eat affects the overall progress or outcome.

The truth is that there is no solid evidence to suggest this!

What we do know about how often we should be eating is that there are benefits to both of the most popular methods, which are eating 3 meals per day, or eating 5-6 smaller meals.

3 meals per day are seen as the optimal option for many people who have worked to lose or gain weight.

how to get a summer body: three plates healthy meal graphic summer body diet

This is mainly because they have 3 larger, filling meals and don’t want to be tempted to eat more than they need to on a particular day.

Some feel that scattering calories leaves them feeling unsatisfied, and that 3 larger meals with some snacks on exercise days is the way to go.

5-6 smaller meals per day are rumoured to speed up your metabolism. This is because you are eating more often, and so your body seemingly has to work to digest the food more regularly.

While this theory hasn’t been fully proven, there’s certainly no harm in eating this way.

how to get a summer body: five small meals summer body diet graphic

As long as you stick to a healthy amount of calories for your height, weight, and fitness goals you may feel the benefits of eating more often, such as reduced cravings.

If you’re a snacker, this may be the best option for you!

Overall, the answer to ‘how many times a day should I eat?’ is completely down to what you think will work best for you and your goals. It’s probably a good idea to trial both methods and see what you prefer!

Just be sure to control your calories, macros, and portions, to make sure that you’re getting the nutrition that you need.

What portion sizes should I go for?

It’s important to get your portion sizes right from the get-go when learning how to get a summer body.

Using the info we just shared about how many meals you should eat per day, it’s safe to say that portion sizes are affected by this.

If we’re talking about a full meal, you should have around a cup/fist-sized portion of meat/protein, vegetables, and then the same in healthy carbs or wholegrain.

how to get a summer body: portion size for summer body diet graphic

With the 3 meals per day plan, you would have a cup size of yoghurt or porridge etc. for breakfast, a cup of fruit added to this, and possibly a dash of flaked almonds (a source of fibre).

You would then have a cooked meal for dinner with a fist-sized portion of the three recommended food groups, and then something similar for dinner.

You may even have a whole grain sandwich with a cup of veg or salad, then some fruit on the side. The point is that your portion of each food group shouldn’t be much more than a cup serving.

With the 5 meals per day approach when coaching yourself on how to get a summer body, you would decrease these meals by a third of their size, and then add in 2-3 snacks that were palm-sized.

You may have a palmful of nuts, two small boiled eggs and some spinach, and a palmful of carrot sticks or celery as your snacks for the day.

how to get a summer body: portion size graphic, two plates

Tips for portion size:

  • Eat from small plates (smaller plates = smaller portions)
  • Calculate your calories on the nutrition app myfitnesspal or from nutrition labels
  • Always have a cup to hand when meal prepping (measure out your portions)
  • Avoid getting larger meals when eating out – don’t double up on meat!

What does a summer body diet look like?

You will have heard this before, but the key to nutrition is balance. And by that, we mean healthy balance.


Let’s face it, we could all eat more vegetables if we tried to. They’re definitely not hard to prepare, especially if you meal prep. We’ll give you some great tips on how to make nutrition easy and fast shortly, but let’s look at which vegetables you should go for!

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Sprouts
  • Edamame beans
  • Green peas
  • Asparagus
  • Sweet potatoes

There are many more on the list, but this is a great start if you don’t eat vegetables on a daily basis.

You may have noticed that green vegetables take up most of this list.

The reason for this is that although every vegetable has its benefits, greens are a little more unique in their vitamin and mineral content.

They usually contain more of the vitamins A, C, K, magnesium and iron, which are all important in maintaining a healthy body.

They’re also a great source of fibre, which is vital in losing body fat and generating good gut health.

Is your stomach an area of focus for your weight? For most of us, that is the case when looking up how to get a summer body.

If you want some tips on how you can improve your stomach area, check out OriGym’s video on How to Lose Belly Fat:

While we can’t train the stomach in complete isolation, we can eat the right foods that aid the attack on visceral fat in the area and steer clear of those that help it to develop.

Vegetables are one of the most important food groups when it comes to this, so do keep that in mind!


Fruit is a must when it comes to starting a summer body diet. It also comes in a variety of sweet flavours which makes it easy to get into the habit of eating!

Popular fruits to go for in a combination of breakfast and snack dishes include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, pineapple, watermelon, apples, oranges, grapes, and cherries.

There are obviously many more, but these are all easily accessible and have many different flavours as a selection. There’s no excuse now as you have a good list to mix things up with!

Fruit will help you to get a summer body because:

  • It contains important vitamins and minerals (like vegetables do) which boost metabolism
  • There are endless ways to eat it, meaning you’re likely to stick to a summer body diet for life when it includes lots of fruit
  • You can substitute unhealthy snacks for it (granola, yoghurt and fruit is a gorgeous healthy snack!)
  • All fruit is a source of fibre which helps with bloating, digesting, and weight loss in general!

When putting together your own summer body diet (which again, should be a lifestyle change!) be inventive with fruit.

You don’t have to have it plain! Try some blueberries and strawberries with greek yoghurt and honey, or some sliced apple and peanut butter. There are endless combinations to try, and it’s a great way of mixing different food groups without even trying.

Balance and combination is the key to nutrition, a flatter stomach, and more defined muscles.

If you want some ideas of how you can get your dose of fruit in a way that will maximise your progress, check out these recipes for overnight oats.

They’re the perfect combination of protein, fibre, and vitamins/minerals that you’re looking for at breakfast or as a daytime snack!

Healthy Fats

how to get a summer body: avocado graphic

In case you’re new to nutrition… healthy fats do exist! And to make things easier (as these are probably less obvious than popular fruits), here’s a quick-fire list for you to try out:

  • Nuts – it’s great to have a selection of nuts in your diet, as each type is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and numerous health benefits (you should have a palm-sized serving per day)
  • Legumes – including chickpeas, lentils, peas, and beans are brilliant sources of protein and filled with all the healthy fats you need for a summer body diet
  • Avocados – they have a 77% fat content, but it’s good for you (we promise!) and will even help to burn off those nasty saturated fat stores
  • Cheese – cheese is a healthy fat if you have it in moderation – one thick slice of cheese has a similar nutrient content to a glass of milk (around 7g of protein!)
  • Eggs – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats make up around 3 out of 5 grams of fat in an egg, which means their high-fat content is actually a good thing
  • Oils – extra virgin olive oil is filled with antioxidants and lowers blood pressure, whilst coconut oil boosts metabolism – the list goes on!
  • Dark Chocolate – if you have 1 piece a day, you’ll get all the benefits of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and antioxidants along with a great taste – you don’t have to give up chocolate completely! (p.s. it tastes great melted into porridge)


Last but not least on the list of must-have foods in your summer body diet are foods rich in protein!

Wondering why protein is so important? It’s simple. There are many health benefits to consuming a good amount of protein but in this context, it’s great for building muscle as well as burning fat.

When you’re having a rest day and your muscles ache from the workout you did the day before, it’s the protein that you eat that takes this pain away.

how to get a summer body: healthy fats graphic

What you might not know is that it’s also responsible for helping your muscles to repair, grow stronger, and grow in size.

Want to know what foods you can eat to get your dose of protein?

Take a look at our Top 10 High Protein Foods for Muscle Gain:

In case you missed any, they are:

  • Peanut butter
  • Cottage cheese
  • Oatmeal
  • Salmon
  • Lentils
  • Sardines
  • Beef steak
  • Flaxseed
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chicken

You can find the individual benefits of these foods in the video, but the main thing to remember is that consuming a mixture of them on a regular basis will significantly improve your progress.

How much protein do you need in a summer body diet?

Wondering how much protein you should consume per day? No trouble.

For women who do a little exercise, the average protein RDA is 46 grams.

For men who do a little exercise, it’s 56 grams.

how to get a summer body: eggs graphic

However, if you’re making a start on a summer body workout routine then you really want to make the most of your hard work. This is where protein comes in!

For those who have a moderate to high activity level, a high protein intake is essential to their health and muscle growth. This means that they should consume more protein compared to those with a sedentary lifestyle.

So if you’re exercising when on your summer body diet (which will also give you the best results), you should check out this article on how to calculate your protein needs.

It includes multiple ways to work out your recommended protein intake, and calculators that make it easier to do so!

Things to avoid

This may be obvious to some, but there are some things that you should avoid when making a start on your new lifestyle.

Here’s a quick-fire list of the things to eat in moderation when on your summer body diet (and hopefully for the rest of your life!)

  • Refined carbs – crisps, fries, white pasta, white bread, white rice, pastry, fast food, etc.
  • Sugar/saturated fat – chocolate, sweets, cakes, fast food, etc., but also less obvious snacks like breakfast bars and granola (always check the nutrient info before buying!)
  • Sugary/fatty drinks – coffee with sugar/syrups, hot chocolate, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, milkshakes, etc.
  • Alcohol – especially beer and spirits mixed with fizzy drinks (heavy drinking lands you with a ton of extra calories!)

how to get a summer body: no alcohol graphic

Realistically, eating these food groups in moderation is something you need to stick to beyond learning how to get a summer body in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you stick to this, you’ll also have a permanent summer body!

The trickiest part is making it a habit and keeping it consistent.

The best way to do this is to have at least one cheat day per week, where you allow yourself to have a bad meal and some alcohol if you wish. This way, you won’t feel like you’re missing out and you can still join your friends for a night out on the weekend!

Sustainability stems from feeling the benefits rather than the drawbacks. Don’t starve yourself of food that you enjoy! Find healthy alternatives for 80% of the time, and save the bad food for 20%.

Wondering how to stop craving bad food?

It may seem impossible, but it’s easier than you think when you’re armed with the right information.

how to get a summer body: yogurt graphic for probiotics

Here are some quick tips to curb those cravings:

  • Hydration – like we said in step 1, hydration is a great way to control your appetite
  • Protein – switch refined carbs for protein and your meals will leave you satisfied for much longer
  • Plan your meals – if you plan what you’re eating, you’re much more likely to stick to eating well (meal prep is the best way to do this!)
  • Probiotics – if you eat probiotics like live yoghurt, your gut health will improve and you will start to crave healthier foods!

How to sustain your summer body diet

Before we move on to our next step in our guide on how to get a summer body, let’s talk about one of the most common pitfalls when embarking on a new nutrition journey.

We’ve all been there. We’ve managed to stick to our new routine all day, or maybe even for a week or a couple of weeks.

One day, we cave in and have an enormous binge. We’re left feeling guilty and as if we’ve ruined all of our progress. We give up.

This part is so hard to get past when trying to lose weight or tone up for summer, but it’s certainly doable.

You have to plan ahead. Plan your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. If you don’t plan out what you’re eating and have it to hand when you’re hungry, you’re inevitably going to reach for alternatives to fill that void.

how to get a summer body: meal prep graphic summer body diet

If you set aside a few hours on a weekend or an evening during the week to batch cook and prepare any sandwiches/overnight oats for the week, you’ll thank yourself later.

You’ll reach for the healthy food and get into a real and lasting habit of eating well.

If you do cave in once every week, who cares? You’ll wake up the next day with the same gains that you had before, and the healthy breakfast you didn’t eat in the fridge ready for you to attack.

Don’t get discouraged; even fitness models have treats. Just get back to it the next day and forget it ever happened!

#3 – Summer Body Workout

We couldn’t teach you how to get a summer body without giving you the best workouts to achieve it.

Once you’ve followed our tips in step 2 and got into a nice routine of planning your nutrition, it’s time to turn your attention to your summer body workout routine!

In our summer body workout, we’re ditching the long duration cardio in favour of HIIT and strength training, as we believe that this will get you the results you want to see and help you in learning how to get a summer body fast (and healthily!).

Gaining your diploma in personal training never did any harm either, and a career in fitness may be just what you need to fully immerse yourself in this new lifestyle!

HIIT Training

A summer body workout without HIIT training is definitely not up to scratch.

We’re here to learn how to get a summer body fast after all and running for three hours on the treadmill isn’t going to get us there, let alone keep us motivated.

Here’s five HIIT workouts to try when learning how to get a summer body this year!

Kettlebell squats

how to get a summer body: kettlebell squat graphic

This one is great for your lower body, especially the glutes, quads, delts, and biceps. It will help to tone and tighten your legs and bottom as well as aiding your overall strength! You can never have too many squats.

  • Start off in a standing position, holding the kettlebell in front of your chest by its horns
  • Move down into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the ground (or lower if you can!)
  • Hold for a second
  • Explode upwards keeping your weight on your heels, and push your chest out when you reach the starting position
  • Repeat for 30-40 seconds


how to get a summer body: burpees graphic

Burpees are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises that you can do. They build your strength as well as your cardiovascular health, making them a perfect addition to your summer body workout.

  • Start off in a standing position, feet around hip-width apart
  • Move into a squat, placing your hands beside you on the ground for stabilisation
  • Kick your feet out into a raised plank, making sure your core is engaged
  • Bring your legs back into the squat
  • Jump with your arms and legs straight (be sure to land safely)
  • Repeat for 30-40 seconds!


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Flutter Kicks

how to get a summer body: flutter kicks graphic

If you’re looking to get that core tight and toned for summer, you’re in the right place. We wouldn’t dare teach you how to get a summer body without showing you some killer core exercises!

Before trying this one, make sure you’ve got an exercise mat.

  • Lie flat on your back with your arms and legs straight
  • Pressing your lower back into the mat, raise your legs about 6 inches off the mat (or lower if you can’t handle it)
  • Keeping your legs straight, move them in a literal ‘fluttering’ motion alternately, engaging your abs at the same time
  • Repeat for 30-40 seconds!

Bicycle Crunches

how to get a summer body: bicycle crunch graphic

Rather than just targeting the abs through regular crunches, give bicycle crunches a go and tone your obliques at the same time.

Again, get yourself an exercise mat for this one!

  • Lie on your back with your lower back pressed into the mat, engaging your abs
  • Hold your head with your elbows pointing outwards
  • Bring your shoulder blades off the mat (without straining your neck) and your knees at a 45 degree angle
  • Keeping your abs engaged, bring your left elbow to your left knee and your right elbow to your right knee alternately
  • Repeat for 30-40 seconds!

Moving Plank

how to get a summer body: moving plank graphic

Make sure you’re using a mat!

  • Get into a plank position (arms straight)
  • Engage your core
  • Move one forearm to the mat at a 90 degree angle, then do the same with the opposite forearm
  • Move each arm back into the original plank position (as though you’re climbing back up)
  • Repeat for 30-40 seconds

These 5 HIIT moves should work perfectly to get you started on your summer body workout routine. With the perfect combination of cardio and bodyweight training, they’ll have you shredded in no time!

So, what’s next on the summer body workout agenda?

Strength Training

As well as HIIT, this is something you can do either at the gym or at home. There are different types of strength training, but for now we’re going to focus on kettlebells.

Kettlebells are versatile, easy-to-use, and portable, making them perfect for a summer body workout. You can even take them to the beach!

They’re also a great way of getting in some cardio alongside building muscle mass, so you can rest assured that any extra fat stores will be well and truly torched when we’re done with you.

Kettlebell Swings

how to get a summer body: kettlebell swing graphic

It’s important to remember that kettlebell swings are a hinge movement and not a squat.

They’re great for working your posterior chain muscles, which are the abs, back, glutes, and hamstrings, as well as your core. They’re classed as a full body exercise, so you can’t go wrong here!

If you want to torch fat whilst working on your conditioning and toning your entire body, kettlebell swings are a great move.

  • Start off with your feet about shoulder-width apart, holding the kettlebell safely but with a loose grip
  • Engage your core and squeeze your shoulder blades together, placing your weight onto your heels and bending your knees slightly
  • Swing the kettlebell backwards between your legs, then up to eye-level, exploding your hips forwards to drive the kettlebell up (like a hinge)
  • Be sure to keep your core engaged and to squeeze your glutes in the top position
  • Use your heels and hips to drive the kettlebell forwards each time
  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Bicep Curls

how to get a summer body: bicep curls graphic

When learning how to get a summer body, it’s normal to want to focus on your core. However, there’s certainly no harm in directing some strength training at your arms.

After all, a summer body workout should give you results in every area!

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Grip the handle of the kettlebell with both hands, wrists facing away from you
  • Curl the kettlebell up towards your chin slowly, then back into the starting position (be sure to maintain tension on your biceps)
  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Overhead Triceps Extension

how to get a summer body: tricep extension graphic

Triceps are often missed out on a summer body workout routine, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re going for the toned look then triceps make the perfect addition, plus the extra muscle mass will help you burn fat!

  • Grip the kettlebell by its horns, but upside down so that the bell is above your fists
  • Move it slowly and safely into the overhead position
  • Slowly move the kettlebell down in between your shoulder blades until you feel your triceps engage
  • Extend it slowly above your head (really feel the burn!)
  • Bring it back down again
  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Overhead Press

how to get a summer body: kettlebell press graphic

We’re not skipping on any arm workouts here!

If you want to know how to get a summer body you should definitely work your shoulders as well as the other muscles in your arms. Shoulder development is very important for other exercises too, and will certainly help you with burpees!

  • Clean the kettlebell safely into the rack position
  • Ensuring that your elbow is tucked into your chest and your core is engaged, move the kettlebell upwards until it’s safely in the press position
  • Hold it there for a few seconds, then bring it back down keeping the tension in the movement
  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Kettlebell Lunges

how to get a summer body: kettlebell lunge graphic

Last but not least, if you want your legs and glutes to be nice and toned for those glorious beach days then make sure you include kettlebell lunges in your summer body workout.

  • Stand up straight with the kettlebell safely in the rack position (on either your left or right side)
  • Step forwards into a lunge with the opposite leg, keeping your weight on the front heel
  • If it’s a nice smooth movement, you’re doing it right!
  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps on each leg

Now that you’ve got a good range of exercises to try out, you should make a start on your summer body workout as soon as possible!

If you’ve got into the habit of eating well, then working out alongside this will help you to see results much faster. You’ll also burn more fat as you build muscle mass, and your body will appear more toned.

Try doing one 20 minute HIIT session alongside a 30-40 minute strength workout for at least 3-4 times a week, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

As long as you’re working on your nutrition too, you really can’t go wrong here.

#4 – How to Get a Summer Body – Get Some Sleep!

Getting your full 7-9 hours of sleep is vital when learning how to get a summer body fast. Without getting to bed at a reasonable time, the process of losing weight and/or getting fit slows down unfavourably.

Why is this?

how to get a summer body: get some sleep!

When you don’t get enough sleep, two of the hunger hormones in the body called ghrelin and leptin are influenced.

Ghrelin is the hormone that allows the brain to know when you are hungry. It is released in your stomach in high amounts when you are hungry, and low amounts when you have eaten.

On the other hand, the fat cells release leptin, which allows the brain to know when you are satisfied.

In the case of sleep deprivation, your body creates less leptin but more ghrelin than usual. This causes a spike in your appetite.

As you can see, this isn’t great news for those learning how to get a summer body.

However, if you make a real effort to get to bed earlier and rack up those sleep hours then you’re no longer in danger.

Another plus side is that exercising regularly will reduce stress, tire you out, and help you to get more sleep. The more you exercise the better you will sleep, which means that you’ll make more progress too. Win win!

#5 – Record Your Progress

You’ve nailed your summer body diet (with the odd treat), you’ve been working out endlessly, and you’re sleeping like a log.

What else could you possibly do to ensure that you know exactly how to get a summer body?

Well, there is one more thing. You may underestimate the power of it, but trust us. This is the final step in our guide on how to get a summer body, and perhaps one of the most important!

how to get a summer body: measure your progress with a tape measure

There are different ways to record your progress, and different people suit different methods.

Whatever you choose, you should record the progress that you make each week or month. This will show you the changes that you can’t physically see within the first section of your journey, and give you an incentive to work harder.

This is a great way to learn how to get a summer body fast, as you’ll work harder than you ever have before!

Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Weigh yourself on the same morning each week
  • Measure your waist, arms, legs, etc. each week
  • Keep an outfit that doesn’t fit and try it on every week (it will get gradually looser/tighter depending on your goals!)
  • Track your body fat percentage on the scales at the gym

If you try each of the methods we can almost guarantee that one will work for you!

Whilst weighing yourself on the scales is probably the most popular of these methods, it can also be a curse to those trying to learn how to get a summer body.

This is because after eating well and exercising as they should, it sometimes declares that they have either put on weight (when their goal is to lose), or lost weight (when their goal is to gain).

This is because your body weight changes every day, depending on whether you’ve gained muscle mass or water weight, or lost it etc.

To avoid this, weigh yourself on the same morning each week. Or, use the scales at the gym to track your body fat percentage/get a more accurate reading!

how to get a summer body: weight yourself less often

Measuring your body with a tape measure can be a lot more accurate and uplifting than the number on the scales, provided that you do it right.

It may take a little longer to see results depending on your starting point, but it’s certainly good for letting you know how many gains you’ve made as there are no other factors getting in the way of what you want to see!

One way that is absolutely foolproof to some despite being basic is to keep an outfit that doesn’t fit, and try it on once a week to track your progress.

If you’re looking to lose weight, your outfit will fit looser every week if you follow all of our steps in this guide on how to get a summer body.

If you’re looking to gain weight, your outfit will fit tighter with the more muscle you build (depending on how often you workout and how much you eat).

Tracking your progress will keep you motivated, and help you to push through those off days.

Try out each method, and let us know what works best for you!

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With our step-by-step guide on how to get a summer body, you should be feeling pretty motivated! The end is in sight now that you know all of the secrets to achieve your fitness goals before the weather picks up.

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About the Author: Chloe Twist

Chloe OriGym Author
Chloe graduated with a BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moores University and prior to OriGym worked at J&R Digital Marketing Agency on the Liverpool 'Female Founders' series. Since joining the company, she has become a qualified Personal Trainer and advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist. Chloe's professional interests intersect content-development and the world of online fitness, especially across social media and YouTube, and Chloe has herself contributed pieces on fitness and weight loss to sites including the Daily Star and The Express. Outside her day-to-day role, Chloe enjoys playing the guitar, gaming and kettlebell training.

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