Whether you’ve just qualified or are already an experienced yoga teacher, teaching yoga abroad is an exciting and lucrative next step to take in your career!

But with so much to consider, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate step-by-step guide to teaching yoga overseas, as well as top tips for finding yoga jobs abroad! 

Before we get started, if you’d like to kickstart a career you’ll need to earn the right qualifications. Our internationally recognised Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training course will certify you to work in both the UK and abroad! 

To learn more download our course prospectus for free!

Step 1: Get Qualified To Teach Yoga Abroad

If you want to start teaching yoga abroad, the first thing you need to do is get the right qualifications!

We have a whole article here detailing how to become a yoga instructor. In summary, here are the qualifications you will need to start yoga teaching abroad:

Take A Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training Course To Teach Yoga Abroad

teaching yoga abroad

If you’re not already qualified, you will first need to take a Level 3 yoga instructor course

This is the minimum requirement to work as a yoga teacher- both in the UK and abroad!

This is an entry-level course that will teach you the foundations of teaching yoga. For example, OriGym’s Level 3 yoga course covers topics such as:

  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga
  • Health and safety during yoga
  • Planning a yoga session
  • Teaching skills 

This content is covered over the course of 400 hours of guided learning, plus 50 hours of practical teaching experience to prepare you for teaching yoga overseas. 

Here at OriGym, this is taught via ‘blended learning’, meaning that it is a combination of self-study and practical workshops.

Most teach yoga abroad jobs will ask that you have at least 200 hours of training, such as the job advert below:

yoga teaching jobs abroad 5

So, having 400 hours of training under your belt will put you at an advantage against other applicants. This is because to an employer, the more hours of training you have completed, the more experienced and skilled you are as a yoga teacher!

To ensure that you cover the required topics and to maximise your employability, it is important to choose a yoga teacher training course that is regulated by Ofqual- such as OriGym’s Level 3 Diploma In Teaching Yoga

Ofqual is the government body responsible for setting the frameworks for vocational course levels and for ensuring that all awarding bodies adhere to those frameworks.

Being Ofqual-regulated essentially means that the course has met the highest industry standards, so you can be sure that you will qualify with all the skills, knowledge and experience you need to be a successful yoga teacher!

Plus, Ofqual regulation is internationally recognised. This means that when you come to apply for yoga jobs abroad, having an Ofqual-approved qualification will act as a ‘stamp of approval’ for an employer that you are a high standard of yoga teacher- thus improving your employability! 

Check out our guide to yoga teacher training levels here for more information on why Ofqual regulation is so important when getting qualified to teach yoga abroad.  


Step 2: Check You Have Everything Required For Teaching Yoga Overseas

Once you are qualified, there are then some other essential things you will need to start teaching yoga abroad.

Here is a checklist of things you need to make sure you have before you go to teach yoga overseas- no matter which country you choose.

Prepare Your CV To Find Yoga Teacher Jobs Abroad

yoga teaching jobs abroad 2

If you want to apply for a yoga teacher job abroad, you will of course need a CV! 

Most international yoga teaching jobs will require you to either email your CV as part of your application, or submit it as part of an online application process. 

Having a good CV is important as it is your chance to really sell yourself and demonstrate to employers why they should hire you! 

It is therefore worth taking the time to perfect your CV, as it can help you stand out and ultimately land a yoga teaching job abroad.

Some of the main sections you should include on your CV are:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Industry Related Qualifications and Licences
  • Education
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • References

There are also some additional things that you may want to include in a CV for international yoga teacher jobs, such as:

  • Language skills- particularly if you are applying for a job in a specific country
  • Visa and work eligibility details- we will cover this next!
  • Any other experience you have working abroad e.g. in summer camps, cruise ships etc.

Make Sure You Have A Valid Passport To Teach Yoga Abroad

A valid passport is essential for all forms of travel- including teaching yoga abroad.

Not only does your passport need to be in date at the time that you are travelling, but some countries require it to be valid for at least 6 months after you are travelling. You should therefore check the travel regulations of the specific country you are wanting to work in.

If your passport is out of date, remember that the renewal process can take several months, so be sure to do this in plenty of time before you go!

A valid passport is often a requirement for many jobs, such as the one below. 

yoga opportunities abroad 4

It is therefore important to ensure that your passport is up to date before you start applying for international yoga teacher jobs. 

Get The Equipment You Need To Start Teaching Yoga Abroad

yoga teaching jobs abroad

Before you go to teach yoga overseas, it is a good idea to invest in some equipment. 

Here is a checklist of equipment you should take with you when teaching yoga abroad:

  • Travel yoga mat
  • Yoga clothes suitable for the climate you are going to be in
  • A small amount of yoga props, such as one block and one strap
  • Yoga towel- particularly if you are going to a hot country!
  • A yoga teacher journal to plan your classes and track your progress
  • Water bottle 

Step 3: Find A Yoga Instructor Job Abroad

yoga jobs abroad 6

Once you are qualified and have prepared things outlined in Step 2, it’s now time to start applying for yoga opportunities abroad! 

But before you even start your search for a yoga teacher job abroad, there are some things you should think about, including:

  • The country (or at least continent) that you want to go to. 
  • How long you want to go for- i.e. a long-term position, or a more short-term ‘working holiday’
  • How much money you want/ need to earn
  • The type of place you want to work- which we will explore in more detail next!
  • The type of yoga you want to teach

With so many different types of jobs in places all over the world, deciding these things before you start your search will help you narrow down your options and make the process a lot easier!

For example, on websites such as Yoga Travel Jobs, you can filter your search by keyword, location and job type:

yoga opportunities abroad 2

So, what are the different ways you can teach yoga abroad? 


#1- Teach Yoga Abroad In A Hostel

yoga jobs abroad 4

One of the most popular ways to get started teaching yoga abroad is to work in a hostel.

Most hostels- particularly in popular travel destinations such as South East Asia and Australia, will offer yoga classes. These are often free for guests staying at the hostel, or run on a donation basis. 

You can find paid yoga teacher jobs in hostels (i.e. working in exchange for a salary) on a freelance or contracted basis. However, the most common way to work in a hostel as a yoga teacher is as a form of work exchange.

This is when you will work as a yoga teacher in exchange for free accommodation in the hostel. A work exchange can also includes other perks, such as:

  • Free meals
  • Free use of equipment
  • Language/ culture exchange

This is a great option if you are just starting out teaching yoga abroad, as it allows you to both travel and work on a budget, since you won’t have to worry about things like accommodation and food.

Plus, hotels are typically very open, friendly and sociable places. So if you are travelling alone to a new country, being surrounded by other people can make it less daunting and easier to make friends. 

It is also a great way to start networking within the yoga community. For example, whilst teaching at a hostel, you may meet other yoga teachers in the area who you can network with and potentially find more yoga teaching jobs! 

Similarly, once your class starts to grow in popularity, you could start charging for your classes, rather than just working in exchange for accommodation.This is therefore a great way to progress your career and increase your earnings! 

However, one thing to consider about working in a hostel is that you will rarely just be teaching yoga. Most roles will also expect you to carry out other duties, such as:

  • Working on reception
  • Cleaning and maintaining the hostel
  • Cooking 
  • Hosting other activities

The best place to look for this kind of work exchange in a hostel is on WorkAway. Whilst it isn’t specific to yoga, it is a huge platform where you can find a work exchange position as a yoga teacher in a hostel. 

As you can see below, you can filter your search by location, and in the keyword section you could search for ‘yoga’ or ‘yoga teacher’. 

You can also filter by:

  • Host Type, where you can select ‘hostel’ 
  • Accommodation Info- e.g. languages spoken, Internet access, smoke-free etc.
  • Availability- you can select the dates that you want to work and set a minimum stay 

yoga jobs overseas 8

This is where deciding exactly what you are looking for before you start your search (as outlined earlier in Step 3) is so important, as it makes this process a lot easier!

For example, say you wanted to find a work exchange at a hostel in South America, your search would be as follows:

yoga jobs overseas 6

Below is an example of one of the results from this search. As you can see, WorkAway lists lots of useful factors about the offer, such as the host rating and feedback. 

yoga jobs overseas 4

You can then scroll down to see further details of the exchange, such as what is expected of you and what they will give you in return. For example, this role in a hostel in Brazil states that as well as teaching one hour of yoga a day, you will also have to work on the reception, serve breakfast and help with cleaning and maintaining the hostel. 

yoga jobs overseas 2

If you are interested in the role, you can then contact the host directly by creating a WorkAway account here. This costs £42 per year for a single person membership, which we think is worth it for the tons of yoga opportunities abroad it gives you access to! 

As well as WorkAway, some other sites for finding international yoga instructor jobs in hostels are:

If you already know the location you are wanting to work, then you could also contact hostels directly via email (with your CV) and see if they have any yoga teachers needed abroad. 

#2- Start Teaching Yoga Abroad In A Hotel Or Resort 

Similar to hostels, more and more hotels and holiday resorts are also offering yoga classes to their guests, meaning that there is a demand for yoga teachers there! 

The most common way to work as a yoga teacher in a hotel or resort is either on a freelance or contracted basis, where you are paid a set salary. 

However, many employers will also give you free accommodation in the hotel or resort as part of your contract. For example, the job advert below states that you will get accommodation and meals included. 

yoga abroad 9

yoga abroad 8

This is therefore a great option if you don’t want to worry about your accommodation and food- as well as getting a salary! This is because unlike small independent hostels, big hotel and resort chains will have more budget to spend on their yoga teachers.

Like the job advert states above, many yoga teacher jobs abroad in hotels and resorts will be on a seasonal or fixed term contract basis. This is because many popular tourist destinations will be more popular at certain times of the year, and so require more staff at these times. 

It’s worth considering the peak seasonal times of the destination you are wanting to teach in, as this may affect the amount of jobs available. 

Also remember that this varies from country to country. For example, whilst peak season for somewhere like Spain would be the summer months (June-September), in Australia their peak summer season is in December to February/March! 

Another thing to consider about working in a hotel or resort is that many employers will ask you to complete other tasks as well as teaching yoga. 

Similar to working in a hostel, these tasks can range from working on reception to cleaning. But they may also want you to teach other fitness classes. This is why it is useful to have a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification– as we said in Step 1! 

You can find yoga teacher jobs abroad in hotels and resorts in the same websites mentioned above, such as Yoga Travel Jobs and Yoga Trade- but also more specific websites such as Resort Work.

As you can see, on Resort Work, you can refine your search according to several factors such as the type of job, location and the start and end date.

You could also contact hotels directly, or look on the websites of popular hotels and resorts, such as TUI’s careers page

As you can see, you can also filter your search by similar criteria, such as location and workplace:

#3- Teach Yoga Abroad At A Yoga Studio Or Yoga School

yoga jobs abroad 5

Just like in the UK, you can of course simply work as a yoga teacher abroad in a yoga studio or yoga school.

Whilst you may get advanced students in hostels or resorts, it is more likely you will be teaching a wide range of abilities, including those who may have never done yoga before. 

Whilst this is great for some, if you want to teach at a higher level to more dedicated yogis, you may prefer to find a yoga teacher job abroad in a dedicated yoga studio or yoga school. 

This could be teaching yoga classes in a studio, or even working as a teacher on a teacher training course if you are more experienced.  

Again, these yoga opportunities abroad can be found on websites such as Yoga Travel Jobs, or through word of mouth, e.g. if a teacher you know is setting up a yoga studio or retreat abroad and is looking for teachers. 


#4- Work As A Yoga Teacher Abroad At A Yoga Retreat

Another way to get started teaching yoga abroad is to work at a yoga retreat.

You can find a job as a yoga teacher in a retreat through the same websites we have already mentioned, as well as sites like Retreat Hub which exclusively list jobs in retreats all over the world.

Similar to working at a hostel or resort, you can typically work as a yoga teacher at a retreat either on a freelance or contracted basis. 

Again, you may be offered accommodation at the retreat centre as part of your contract, such as the job below:

yoga abroad 7

One thing to consider if you want to get into teaching yoga abroad at retreats is that for many roles, a few years of teaching experience is required. For example, the job advert below for a yoga teacher at a retreat requires at least 2 year’s experience:

yoga abroad 5

yoga abroad 4

Plus, having more experience behind you can make it easier for you to get a job as a yoga teacher abroad at a retreat, by using the connections you have made in your career so far. For example, if a teacher you know is hosting a retreat, you could ask them if they are looking for teachers and try to get a job this way. 

This is therefore a great avenue to pursue if you are a more experienced yoga teacher and want to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of yogis. 

#4- Other Places That Could Have Yoga Opportunities Abroad

yoga teaching jobs abroad 3

We have covered the most popular ways you can become a yoga teacher abroad. However, with the growing popularity of yoga, there are lots of other places you could teach yoga abroad, such as:

  • Cafes and health food shops
  • General wellness/detox retreats
  • Cruise ships 
  • Pop-up yoga classes in outside spaces e.g. beaches

Again, the best way to find out about these yoga opportunities abroad is through looking at job sites online before you go. 

However, things such as pop-up yoga classes are more likely something you can pursue once you are already at the destination itself.

For example, if you are already teaching yoga at a hostel abroad, once you have established a good reputation as a yoga teacher there, you could then start to advertise pop-up classes in the local area!

Step 4: Prepare For Your Role As An International Yoga Teacher

So, now that you’ve found a job teaching yoga overseas, there are some more things you should prepare before you go to help things go as smoothly as possible!

Get The Correct Visa And Travel Requirements To Start Teaching Yoga Abroad

yoga jobs abroad 2

Once you know which country you are going to to teach yoga abroad, you can then make sure you have the correct travel requirements you need. 

Whilst a valid passport is needed to travel to any country, visa requirements will vary from country to country. 

For the majority of countries, you will also need a visa or work permit to work as a yoga teacher abroad. This is what gives you the ‘right to work’ and earn money in that country. 

This is the case whether you are looking for a paid job, work exchange or volunteer role.

Some international yoga teacher jobs will say that a visa is a requirement for the job, whereas others will provide it for you.

For example, the job advert for a yoga teacher in Thailand below says that you will be provided with a 1 year visa as part of the job. 

yoga opportunities abroad 10

yoga opportunities abroad 9

However, the following job advert for a yoga teacher in India states that you need to already have a working permit Visa to apply for the job. 

yoga opportunities abroad 6

yoga opportunities abroad 5

The main thing to remember is that the rules for visas vary for every country, and for every job. 

You should therefore check the visa requirements of the specific country you are wanting to work in, as well as the requirements of the specific job you are applying for. 

This can usually be found either on the travel section of the UK Government website, or on the government website of the country you are travelling to.

Get International Yoga Teacher Insurance 

yoga jobs abroad

Another important thing to get before teaching yoga abroad is insurance. 

There are two main types of international yoga teacher insurance you will need: travel insurance for working abroad in general, and specific yoga teacher insurance.

This is the case whether you are working as a yoga teacher abroad on a paid or voluntary basis. 

Not only is insurance important for your own safety and financial security, but it is also often a requirement for many yoga instructor jobs overseas. 

For example, the job advert below for a yoga instructor in Morocco states that you will need to already have a valid yoga teacher and travel insurance. You may need to even attach a copy of your policy to your application.

yoga abroad 2

yoga abroad 3

Travel Insurance For Working Abroad

Travel insurance for working abroad is simply insurance that covers you for any kind of working abroad. This is important, as most general travel insurance policies only cover holidays and leisure, rather than working.

Most work abroad insurance policies cover things such as:

  • Medical care if you have an accident at work 
  • Travel costs if you have to return home because of an injury 
  • Loss or damage of your luggage

Without international yoga teacher insurance, you would have to cover the costs of any medical care you need in the case of an accident or injury while you are working abroad. Since many countries don’t have public healthcare like the NHS in the UK, this can cost anywhere between hundreds and thousands of pounds! 

Top Dog Insurance and Navigator Insurance both have good working abroad travel insurance policies. 

Yoga Teacher Insurance

As well as travel insurance, you will also need specific insurance for working as a yoga teacher.

This is something you should already have if you are working as a yoga teacher in the UK. But if you have just recently qualified, this is something you will need to invest in before you start teaching yoga abroad. 

We have a whole article about yoga teacher insurance here. But in summary, the main types of insurance for yoga teachers are:

  • Public liability insurance. This covers you for all claims from third parties, whether that’s a student getting injured during one of your classes, or if you damage equipment provided to you by a hotel you are working in, for example.
  • Professional liability insurance. This is essential if you are self-employed, or working on a freelance basis as a yoga teacher abroad. 

This covers claims of professional mistakes or professional negligence. For example, if a student claims that they have received incorrect advice from you, this covers you for the costs of defending yourself in court.

  • Equipment insurance. Whilst not essential, getting equipment insurance is a good idea if you are using your own yoga equipment. This covers you in the case of your equipment being lost, damaged or stolen. 

Insure 4 Sport and BeYogi both have good insurance policies for yoga instructors.

Find Your Accommodation For Teaching Yoga Abroad

teaching yoga abroad 7

Once you have found a job teaching yoga overseas, you should think about your accommodation. 

As we have mentioned, many international yoga instructor jobs in hostels, hotels or resorts will provide you with accommodation as part of your contract. 

However, if it is not included, you will of course need to find somewhere to stay!

It is best to do this before you go to teach yoga abroad, so that you can be sure you have somewhere to stay when you get there. Plus, if you are going in a peak tourist season, there may be limited availability. So the sooner you start looking, the better! 

Some ways to find accommodation abroad are:

  • A specific Google search, such as ‘[name of destination] + accommodation’, or ‘[name of destination] + flats / apartments / house shares. 
  • Facebook groups
  • By asking your employer for accommodation recommendations

Plan Your Finances Before You Teach Yoga Abroad

teaching yoga abroad 6

An obvious but important thing to do before you leave to become a yoga instructor abroad is to plan your finances. 

Some things you will need to make sure to budget for are:

  • Travel costs (both getting to the country and getting around the country itself)
  • Equipment 
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation (if not provided)- you may need to pay a deposit and a month’s rent upfront.
  • Food and drink

Even if you are receiving a salary, be aware that you may not receive it until after you have worked for a month. 

You should therefore have a ‘back up’ or ‘buffer’ fund to get you through this first month and to account for any initial costs for the things mentioned above. 

Plus, you never know if something will go wrong, such as losing or having your belongings stolen, or any other unexpected costs! 

Expert Tips On Getting Yoga Teaching Jobs Abroad

Now that we have taken you through the steps, here are some top tips for helping you secure your dream role teaching yoga abroad!

#1- Start To Build An Online Presence Before Teaching Yoga Abroad

teaching yoga abroad 5

Before you get to the destination of your yoga teaching job abroad, you should start to build an online presence as a yoga teacher.

The main way to do this is to start to build a following on social media, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. 

There are 2 main ways that building an online presence can help you when going to teach yoga abroad:

  • It can help you to find a yoga instructor job abroad. Whilst networking in-person in your local area is important, social media allows you to connect with others in the yoga teaching community all over the world! 

For example, you could put out a post on your social media asking if there are any yoga teachers needed abroad, and that you are looking for a yoga teaching job overseas. This could then lead to someone contacting you with an opportunity you might not have otherwise known about.  

Having a strong social media presence can also help you in the application process when applying for yoga teaching jobs abroad. 

For example, you could include a link to your Instagram in your CV. This is an easy way to convey your overall brand identity to a potential employer, as well as your yoga skills of course! 

It also demonstrates social media and marketing skills, which is often an advantage for many yoga teacher jobs. 

Plus, the more followers you have, the more potential connections you will have that could lead to you finding a job teaching yoga abroad. 

  • It can help you connect with other people before you arrive. If you have already secured a job teaching yoga overseas, social media is a great way to start to build connections in your destination. 

teaching yoga abroad 4

This could be with fellow colleagues in the same place you are working, or simply with other expats in the place you are moving to. This can help moving to a completely new country and starting a new job a little bit less daunting, since you will already have some people you can meet up with when you get there.

A great way to do this is through Facebook groups specifically for expats, where you can talk about anything from accommodation to general tips and advice. 

For example, if you are going to teach yoga in Bali, you could search for ‘Bali yoga’ or ‘Bali expats’ in Facebook’s search tool. 

They are also a great way to promote yourself as a yoga teacher and attract potential clients before you even get there! For example, you could post a link to your Instagram or yoga teacher website on a Facebook page, helping you gain followers before you even get there!

As well as connecting with other yogis on a professional level, social media is also a great tool to find other like-minded people you could become friends with. 

For example, if you have a specific hobby, whether it’s a sport or a musical instrument you play, there will likely be a Facebook group for it! Again, this will help make the move to become a yoga instructor abroad easier, as it can help you settle in more quickly. You can then spend more time focusing on your new job as a yoga teacher! 

As well as Facebook groups, some other ways to network and find like-minded people abroad are websites like MeetUp and Internations, where you can search for groups and social events in any destination all over the world! 

#2- Take A Level 4 Yoga Teacher Training Course To Increase Your Yoga Opportunities Abroad

yoga teaching jobs abroad 4

Once you have your Level 3 qualification, if you want to really increase your chances of finding a yoga teacher job abroad, you should then take a Level 4 yoga teacher training course

Whilst you can technically work as a yoga teacher with just a Level 3 qualification, you will certainly be at an advantage with a Level 4 qualification- which we will explain in more detail below!

This course follows a similar structure to the Level 3 course, as you will complete 400 hours of guided learning, as well as 50 hours of in-class learning time. 

Like the Level 3 course, since it is regulated by Ofqual, all Level 4 yoga teacher training courses should cover the same content:

  • Teaching yoga as a profession
  • Understanding and Applying the Philosophy and Spiritual Principles of Yoga
  • Yogic Breathing Styles
  • Teaching Asana to Meet the Needs of Mixed Ability Students
  • Planning & Delivering Yoga Sessions

But most importantly, a Level 4 qualification allows you to specialise in one of the four specific types of yoga, allowing you to:

Specialising in an area of yoga will help you find international yoga teaching jobs, as it essentially shows employers that you are a more skilled and experienced yoga teacher. 

In other words, it allows you to offer both holistic yoga classes, and more advanced classes for more advanced yogis. 

If you are looking for freelance/self-employed yoga instructor jobs abroad, this higher level of skills and expertise also means that you can charge higher rates, since you are offering a higher level of service.

Being a Level 4 yoga teacher also opens up more opportunities than being just a Level 3 yoga teacher. This is because you would be qualified to apply for more specific yoga teacher jobs abroad. 

For example, the job advert below for a yoga teacher in India specifies that you need to be an expert in at least one specific style of yoga.

Similarly, this job advert is specifically for a yin yoga teacher. It requires specific training in yin yoga- which you can do with a Level 4 qualification. 

yoga opportunities abroad 8

So, if you want to teach a specific type of yoga and increase your yoga opportunities abroad, taking a Level 4 yoga teacher training course will allow you to do just that!

#3- Take A Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification To Find A Yoga Teacher Job Abroad

As well as yoga teaching qualifications, another beneficial qualification to have for teaching yoga abroad is a Level 2 course in Gym/Fitness Instructing.

Whilst it is not essential, this qualification is certainly beneficial for anyone wanting to teach yoga abroad.

This is because many yoga jobs overseas may also require you to teach other types of fitness classes as well as yoga. 

Places like holiday resorts may have a fitness centre and want to hire a general fitness instructor who can teach both yoga and a wide range of other group fitness classes. 

For example, the job advert below for a fitness instructor at a resort states that you will teach a range of fitness classes (including yoga), and that a Level 2 fitness instructor qualification is ‘extremely beneficial’.  

teach yoga abroad 3

teach yoga abroad 2

So, if you want to teach a range of different classes as well as yoga, taking a Level 2 fitness instructor course will allow you to do this! 

#4- Learn About The Country You Going To Work As A Yoga Teacher Abroad 

teaching yoga abroad 3

Once you have decided on where you want to teach yoga abroad, it can be easy to simply focus on the job itself. But remember that you are also moving to a completely new country!

It is therefore a good idea to do some research into the country before you go. The more informed you are about where you are going, the more relaxed and confident you will feel when you get there. 

It is also a good way to reduce ‘culture shock’. Culture shock is simply the feeling of being in a culture or environment completely different to your own at home. It can take a while to get over and can be disorienting and isolating. 

Finding out about the culture before you go will therefore help to minimise this ‘shock’ when you arrive. This then means that you can focus more on being a successful yoga teacher!

Some of the types of things you should research are:

  • The history 
  • Politics
  • Religion 
  • Customs and traditions
  • Food 
  • Rules and regulations
  • Weather
  • Transport 

You can do this via a simple Google search or physical travel guides, as well as speaking to people who have been to the country themselves for their first-hand tips and advice. 

This is also where having a strong online presence is useful, as you can reach out to your followers who have been to the country you are going to and ask for their advice! 

#5- Learn The Language Of The Country Where You Are Going To Teach Yoga Overseas

teaching yoga abroad 2

Another key thing you should find out before you start teaching yoga abroad is the language spoken there. 

Whilst you don’t necessarily need to be fluent, you should certainly learn some key words and phrases before you go. 

Not only is taking the time to learn some of the language respectful to the people of the country you are going to, but it will make life a lot easier for you too and help reduce culture shock. 

Knowing the basics of the language will help you to integrate better into your new country and navigate situations from finding accommodation to ordering a drink at a bar! 

However, the extent of the language you need to learn will depend on the nature of your job teaching yoga overseas.

For example, if you are going to teach yoga at a resort in a popular tourist destination, you may find that most staff and guests speak English. However, if you are going to work in a hostel in a more remote area, English may not be as widely spoken- so you may need to brush up on the local language more.

In fact, knowing the language or other languages may even be a requirement or preference for a yoga teacher job abroad. 

For example, the advert for a yoga teacher job in Morocco below states that knowing French is preferred, as this is the main language spoken in that country. It also states that knowing extra languages is a bonus too. 

So in this case, having language skills could help you stand out from other applicants!

As well as basic general phrases, it is a good idea to also learn some yoga-related vocabulary in the language. Not all of your students will speak English, whether they are from the local area or a tourist from another country. You may therefore need to give them instructions in their language too.

This will not only help your classes run more smoothly, but also demonstrates your commitment to the role as you have taken the time to learn the language, making it more likely that students will keep coming back to your classes!

Some of the best ways to learn the language are:

  • Apps such as Duolingo
  • Online courses
  • In-person courses e.g. many colleges or universities offer evening classes
  • Language exchange meet-ups
  • Phrase books and dictionaries

#6- Find Your Niche As A Yoga Teacher Abroad

Our final tip for how to start teaching yoga abroad is to establish your niche. In other words, specialise in a particular type of yoga.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, as a qualified Level 4 yoga teacher, you choose a type of yoga to specialise in. 

Having a specialism- as well as being a strong foundation of general skills and knowledge, shows employers that you are a more advanced and experienced yoga teacher. This will then help you stand out amongst other applicants. 

Many international yoga instructor jobs may even state that they are looking for someone to be able to teach a certain type of yoga, or to a certain demographic. 

For example, the job advert below wants someone who can teach yoga to kids. So, if you specialise in this area, you will therefore stand out amongst other applicants for this job!

teach yoga abroad

teach yoga abroad 4

As well as opening you up to more yoga opportunities abroad, having a niche can also help increase your yoga teacher salary

This is because the more qualified you are, the more you can charge for your services, since you are providing a higher level of teaching! 

Before You Go!

From getting qualified to finding a job, this article has covered everything you need to know to get started teaching yoga abroad!

Feeling inspired? Then start your career today by earning a Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training qualification with OriGym. Here you will acquire vital skills and knowledge to succeed in your role as an instructor. 

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About the Author: Alice Williams

Alice OriGym Author
Alice graduated with a First-Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds in 2019. As part of her degree, she spent a year living in France where she worked for a lifestyle blog, gaining professional experience in both translation and content writing.  Alice is also a qualifiied yoga teacher, allowing her write from a place of expertise when it comes to yoga! When she’s not writing or practicing yoga, she also loves running, cooking and music! 

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