Alternative and Unusual Fitness Classes

If you’re bored of doing the same workout routine week in week out, it may finally be time to dive into the world of alternative fitness and explore all the wonderful and strange fitness classes out there.

Our guide to the best alternative fitness classes in the UK covers:

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23 Alternative Fitness Classes In The UK

#1 – Dog Yoga

fitness class alternative 5

What do you get when you cross yoga with your favourite four legged friend? That would be Doga!

As the name suggests, Doga is simply a hybrid form of yoga where you practice with your pet dog.

It began in America in 2003 before coming over to the UK in 2004. By 2011, it was popular all around the Western world!

The purpose of these quirky fitness classes is to encourage you to focus on how your mind and body respond to movement instead of perfecting each posture. 

Classes range from around £30-£35 per session, so they are a little more expensive than your average yoga class. 

Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry, you can still practice dog yoga! Many classes will provide you with a dog, as these classes are a great way to socialise new pups before they find an owner. So not only are you getting fitter, but you’re helping these puppies learn and grow!

There are dog yoga classes all around the UK, but perhaps the biggest dog yoga company is Paws for Thought in London, which offers Puppy Yoga classes. 

unusual fitness classes uk 5

Their classes are open to any ability, and are a great excuse to snuggle up with cute puppies after your classes! 

There is also Dogmahny, who alongside offering these unusual fitness classes in London, has moved online with Zoom classes costing £11 per session. 

unusual fitness classes uk 3

These sessions are primarily for dog owners looking to exercise at home whilst building their relationship with their pup.

Fancy teaching yoga yourself or even leading your own Doga classes? Check out our guide to how to become a yoga teacher to see if it could be the career for you! 

#2 – Aerial Silks

fitness class alternative 3

If you consider yourself a bit of a gymnast and don’t mind heights, aerial silks may be the strange fitness class for you! 

Aerial silks are exactly as they sound; two lengths of incredibly strong material hung from the ceiling that you can climb and manipulate around your body to help you hold different positions at various heights from the ground.

This is a great core strength workout because you’re needing to move and suspend your body whilst maintaining control over the silks as you climb. 

As you progress, it’s really easy to build the difficulty, and the brave amongst you could even progress to daring drops where you catch yourself mere feet from the floor!

Due to the necessary rigging and safety equipment aerial silks are on the more expensive side of the unusual fitness classes in the UK, with the price varying again from city to city. 

You’re roughly looking at between £10-£30 per class, although most studios will offer a block price for a set number of classes to make it cheaper in the long run.

For example, JD Aerial Fitness Academy in Liverpool offers a 5 week course for £58, whilst AL Pole Fitness runs a similar course for £50. 

#3 – Pole Fitness

fitness class alternative 4

This may seem like a strange fitness class to begin with, but pole fitness has become hugely popular over the last decade as both a fitness trend and confidence booster.

Pole fitness isn’t all about looking good – but it’s certainly a bonus! This is a deceptively intense whole body workout that will leave you feeling the burn all over the next day. 

You’ll be building practical strength as you climb the pole and hold various positions with your arms and legs, making it a great form of strength training.

You’ll also have the option to increase the difficulty by moving from a static to a spin pole, which means you’ll have to consider how both you and the pole moves to pull off your routine.

quirky fitness classes 2

Due to its rise in popularity as an unusual fitness class, pole fitness is readily available in most big cities and larger towns across the UK. 

For example, if you’re in Liverpool, most classes will range around £10 for a pay as you go rate and roughly £50-£65 for a block of 5-6 Classes. 

Like everything else, this will be more expensive in London, with drop in classes averaging at about £20 and bulk passes at around £75+ for 4 classes.

#4 – Barre Fitness

alternative fitness class uk 5

Barre fitness is an exercise style that takes influences from yoga, pilates and ballet to create a high intensity but relatively low impact workout suitable for any age.

You’ll work through a series of poses and stretches designed to improve your flexibility and overall body strength by holding each position for an extended period of time and pushing your muscles to the max.

This may seem like a simple workout to begin with, but working with the barre will certainly put your muscles to the test!

As alternative fitness classes in the UK go, this one is fairly common in the bigger cities where dance studios already have a barre to practice with. For example, Yoga Barre in Wigan offers Barre classes for £7 each. 

alternative fitness classes uk 3

If you’re looking in and around London the price does rise quite dramatically, with classes ranging from £20-£30 per session to reflect London weighting.

#5 – Voga

alternative fitness classes 3

If you’ve been looking for some really quirky fitness classes then Voga is perfect as the combination of voguing and yoga that we didn’t know we needed! 

For those of you out of the know, voguing is a highly stylised dance style that originated from the 1970s-80s ballroom scene that was popular in the LGBT scene in New York. Now, it is still done in ballrooms all around the world! 

Voguing is heavily focused on broad arm movements that frame and shape the face, and is all about expressing yourself. 

So in Voga, these moves are then incorporated into a quicker yoga flow to make it more like a type of dance fitness that is easily customisable to your own ability levels.

If you like dance-based fitness classes such as Zumba, this could be the alternative fitness class for you! 

As this type of alternative fitness is rather new and specialised classes can be hard to find. If you happen to be looking for unusual fitness classes in London then you’re definitely in luck, as House of Voga offers in-person sessions in Camden and North London for around £12 a class.

unusual fitness classes uk

If you don’t live in London, the House of Voga also offers online classes, and you’re able to subscribe to classes from £25 a month with a choice of instructors to suit you. 



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#6 – Lindy Hop

alternative fitness classes 2

If you’re looking for an energetic dance style with a retro twist, Lindy Hop is the perfect alternative fitness class to get you up and exercising.

Stemming from early 30s and 40s New York, the Lindy Hop is a lively dance style influenced by elements of Charleston, Swing and Jazz. 

It combines the improvisational style usually found in street dances with traditional partnering found in more formal European dances, to create a relaxed posture with artistic flair.

This fun and quirky fitness class will have you swinging and jiving as you and your partner both learn various steps and routines, whilst getting all the great benefits of a cardio workout.

If you’re from the Merseyside or Cheshire area, you have the choice between MerseySwing or Chester Swing Cats. Classes cost £5.50 for drop ins, or you can pay £45 for 10 dances for a slight discount.

alternative fitness classes uk

Whilst these groups offer formal dance training, you’ll also have time to put what you’ve learnt into practice with free dancing time, as well as regular socials as you all get to know each other better.

#7 – Boxercise

unusual fitness classes 5

Boxercise is a largely non-contact version of boxing that involves all of the intensity with less bruises!

In these weird fitness classes, you’ll be learning punches and jabs in different combinations either with a partner or in the air to engage your body and your brain. 

It’s a fun and interactive exercise style that encourages confidence physically and mentally.

Boxercise is also easily turned into a one-on-one class with a trainer that focuses purely on you and your progress. You’ll be able to get more specific advice on your form and fitness than you would in a group session.

unusual fitness class 5

As unusual fitness classes go Boxercise is amongst the more common options available in the UK, as most gyms and several personal trainers will offer some form of Boxing fitness for you to pick from. 

In terms of pricing, this will largely depend on where you’re going for your classes. Most exercise classes are included in your gym membership or trainer fees, although it’s worth checking before you start to make sure you can afford the class you love.

Explore your career possibilities by learning about the best-paid fitness jobs that exist.

#8 – 80s Aerobics

quirky fitness classes 4

Do you love to dance and have an affinity for lycra and leg warmers? If so, 80s-style aerobics is just the quirky fitness class for you!

This throwback workout style combines cardio and callisthenics to build your fitness and endurance, all whilst blasting classic 80s hits to get you pumped and motivated. 

Dancing is well known as one of the best ways to reduce stress, and the sometimes complicated choreography of aerobics engages the mind and encourages you to let go and enjoy yourself.

The majority of 80s aerobics classes are exclusively London-based with Frame taking the lead in offering this themed fitness class. In-person classes start from £20 for 2 introductory classes and from £16 going forwards.

unusual fitness classes uk 6

Some of their classes can be streamed online, with £8 for the first 2 as a beginner and £7 after that. You also have the option of buying a monthly membership which will lower your overall costs if you do get bitten by the 80s bug!

#9 – Disco Spin

unusual fitness classes 4

We all know that riding a bike is one of the best ways to get fit but you have to admit it can get pretty monotonous. So why not liven things up and do it to disco music?

Whilst glitter and flares are not required, Disco Spin takes all of the energy from popular disco tunes to pump you up for your spin class.

If you don’t like cycling in the winter in the cold and rain, indoor cycling classes are a great way to keep up your cycling routine all year round.

With a regular spin class, you can expect intense acceleration drills over the flats and high gear inclines that will get your heart pumping and your body sweating. It’s a great low impact cardio workout that is easier on the knees than running, but maintains the same intensity.

unusual fitness class 2

By adding in some choreographed dance moves and music from the 70s and 80s, Disco Spin is one of the most fun alternative fitness classes out there!

Whilst your regular spin class is a common staple of gyms all around the country, Disco Spin is a little more specialised and as such is mainly available in bigger cities like London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Classes will range from around £5-£10 per class, with a block pass for 10 classes setting you back around £65. In London this is again more expensive, with Boom Cycle offering classes and gift subscriptions for £20 per ride.

#10 – Hula Fit

unusual fitness classes 2

For many of you a hula hoop may be but a distant childhood memory. But it’s finally time to dust off the hoop and dive into any of the quirky fitness classes teaching hula around the country.

There are so many benefits to hula hooping, which is why this weird fitness class is so popular! It is a great core workout that challenges your abdominals and obliques to keep the hoop spinning, and you can incorporate different choreography to make it even more challenging. 

Most Hula Fit classes work with a weighted hoop, which makes it both easier to gain momentum whilst providing an intense core workout.

unusual fitness classes 3

Hula also tests your coordination and posture as you move different parts of your body at the same time into various poses, which encourages you to think more about how you move your body.

If you’re looking for classes for this alternative fitness class, London has more options than most other places. But HulaFit does have classes spread across the UK, including ones in Somerset, Norfolk and Nottingham. 

Prices range between £5-£10 per session, but you have the option to book in bulk to make things cheaper. Bodybarre up in Manchester also offers a 4 week course at £25, which is a great deal if you’re in the area.


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#11 – Aerial Hoop

fitness class alternative

Aerial hoop is one of the best and increasingly popular, albeit weird fitness classes the UK has on offer. 

The steel frame of the hoop is a sturdy apparatus that will support you as you try out various gymnastic moves and shapes.

There are endless poses and transitions you can try that will exercise your whole body whilst improving your core and upper body strength. This is a fun and exciting class that’ll get you working hard without even realising it.

Aerial hoop offers you the chance to build your confidence in the air without having to worry about keeping your body lifted, and you can add difficulty by maintaining your shape or transitioning whilst the hoop is spinning.

Aerial studios offer these alternative fitness classes in London and around the country, although you’re certainly more likely to find these classes in bigger cities where they’ll have the facilities. 

Flying Fantastic is based in London, and offers 4 classes for £100 or a pay as you go rate of £30. 

alternative fitness classes uk 5

Outside of the capital classes tend to range from £10-£30, with bulk discounts working out at between £40-£70 for 4-5 classes.

#12 – Hot Yoga

alternative fitness classes

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to do a downward dog in upwards of 30℃ heat, then hot yoga may be just the alternative fitness class for you! 

You’re definitely going to work up a sweat as you work through between 60-90 minutes of yoga poses and breathing exercises designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles in a specially heated room. 

There are lots of benefits of hot yoga, including:

  • Strengthens muscles 
  • A great form of cardio 
  • Improves mental health
  • Increases flexibility and mobility 

However, because of the high heat in a hot yoga class, hydration is particularly important. You will need to replace your lost fluids, so make sure you remember your water bottle if you’re going to choose it as your alternative fitness option.

Hot yoga is one of the most popular alternative fitness classes in the UK, so you’re very likely to find a venue near you. You’ll find a hot yoga studio in most cities and towns across the country. 

Simply search ‘hot yoga [location]’ in Google and you’ll find a class near you! 

Class prices can range from £10 to £25 per session depending on their duration and standard. However, if this is the unique fitness class for you then most studios will offer bulk discounts when you pay for multiple classes at once so each class works out cheaper.

For example, this is the pricing plan for a hot yoga studio in Liverpool:

unusual fitness classes uk 2

As you can see, they have an introductory offer and an option to buy a 5 or 10 class pass as well as drop-ins. So check out your local hot yoga studios pricing plans and you’re sure to find something for you! 

#13 – Burlesque

fitness class alternative 2

Another dance-based alternative fitness class is Burlesque dancing! This quirky fitness class is a joyful combination of dancing and sensuality that makes for a fun and empowering time.

As one of the more unique fitness classes on offer here in the UK, the goal of Burlesque as exercise is to have fun whilst getting fit. 

It also encourages everyone to get comfortable with themselves by promoting body confidence. 

There’s even a chance to dress up; you’re welcome whether you want to wear sweats and a baggy tee or glitter and ruffle skirts. This is an open and engaging form of exercise that will help build your confidence as well as your cardio.

Venues spanning from London to Leeds all have dance studios that offer Burlesque. Alternatively many teachers offer online classes, so if you’d rather dance from the comfort of your own home, you can!

Classes can cost anywhere from £6 upwards depending on your location and the popularity of the class in question. For example Bodybarre in Manchester offers a 4 week course for £39.

alternative fitness classes uk 4

As you can see, they offer a range of classes depending on your ability. So whether you’re completely new to pole or have done it before, there’s a class for you! 

If you find that you take a shine to dance-based fitness classes, have you ever thought about teaching them yourself? Find out how to become an exercise to music instructor here!  

#14 – School Games

alternative fitness class uk 4

Ever find yourself missing the feeling of running around and playing games in the school playground? Well you’re not the only one! Several brilliant but unusual fitness classes have popped up over the UK that offer exercise in the form of schoolyard games.

From ‘capture the flag’ to ‘dodgeball’, these forms of alternative fitness disguise HIIT workouts so well that you won’t even realise how hard you’re working until after the game is over!

This alternative fitness option is a great way to meet new friends in a fun and active environment that focuses on teamwork and having a good time. If you’ve been bored of your regular routine this is the perfect way to inject some fun into your exercise.

If this alternative fitness class has caught your eye, then check out the Rabble website, as they’re the go-to resource for trainers and sessions in your area.

alternative fitness class

As you can see from their website, they hold games all over the UK!

Prices vary according to your location, with some in London costing £14 per session, whereas Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire has classes for £8 each. Each trainer also offers a bulk discount if you buy multiple classes at once, so it’s super easy to get involved as much or as little as you wish.

#15 – Handstand Classes

fitness class alternative 6

Not only do handstands look seriously cool, they’re actually such a great total body workout that there are loads of unusual fitness classes in the UK dedicated to being upside down!

In each session you’ll warm up and work on your flexibility, upper body strength and core so that you can support your handstand once you’re in position. 

As you progress, you’ll be able to learn different entries and other handstand shapes to test your balance and coordination. If you progress far enough you’ll even be able to learn how to walk on your hands! 

If you’re fed up of doing push ups and bicep curls, then this is a great upper body workout alternative. 

And if handstands aren’t enough, most training gyms will also teach adult gymnastics classes. In these gyms specific handstand classes will cost you about £10-£15 per class, especially in the London area. 

#16 – Disco Yoga

alternative fitness class uk 3

If you don’t fancy hot yoga but you still want a twist on your regular yoga practice, why not try a class that takes you back to the 70s and 80s?

Disco yoga allows you to do exactly that! This quirky fitness class pairs disco music with a more energetic yoga routine designed to get your body moving to the music.

Disco yoga is a fun and informal way to workout which can be hugely beneficial for your mental health, as well as a great way to meet new people and bring some excitement back into your workout routine. 

This is a fast and fun class, so is great if you prefer the more dynamic styles of yoga such as rocket yoga

Mostly these sessions start at about £5 per person, so it is a great budget friendly and unique fitness class. They are fairly large classes too, ranging from 1-100 people. So it really creates a fun party atmosphere! 

#17 – Trampolining

alternative fitness class uk

If you’re feeling like working out has become a chore, it may be time to move away from structured classes and into the world of good old fashioned fun!

Trampolining is one of the most unusual fitness classes for this, as it can be a deceptively intense workout for your whole body.

This type of spontaneous fitness is great for de-stressing as there are no commitments or goals for you to achieve. You’re able to move at your own pace which is great for those of you looking to break into fitness without being intimidated by the people around you.

Trampolining is also not just for kids – although it is the perfect quirky fitness class for the whole family. 

You’re also much more likely to find a trampoline park in the towns and cities near you because various trampoline parks have opened across the country to offer anything from free play to training classes to improve your skills.

For example, Flip Out has 27 venues across the UK from Aintree to Southampton, although prices tend to vary depending on your area. 

unusual fitness class

A 2-hour time slot will cost you £15 in Manchester, or up to £18.50 in London – but just think how much (fun) cardio you can fit into 2 hours!


#18 – Aerial Yoga

quirky fitness classes 3

Aerial yoga is an unusual fitness class that allows you to work through several variations of regular yoga poses whilst suspending parts or your whole body in a hammock hung from the ceiling. 

This type of yoga is said to make some poses easier to manage, or help you extend your stretches further. It’s also great for your back because being suspended in the air decompresses areas around the spine and lets you stretch out fully.

For those of you worried about your joints, aerial yoga is a great type of alternative fitness because your body is being supported through each pose whilst gently building your strength.

The rise in popularity of aerial fitness means that these classes may not be as rare as you think, as several studios across the country are dedicated to different styles of aerial fitness. 

For example, Bodybarre in Manchester offers a 4 week course for aerial yoga at £39. 

As alternative fitness classes in London go, aerial yoga is a touch more expensive, with drop in classes starting at around £25 or £80 for 4 sessions.

#19 – Bounce Classes

alternative fitness class uk 2

Similar to trampolining, bounce classes are a more structured workout on a much smaller trampoline, that combines dance choreography and high intensity cardio.

These unusual fitness classes offer all the benefits of aerobics with the extra core workout of maintaining your form and balance on a miniature trampoline. You can even experiment with added weights to up the intensity as you jump your way through the routine.

Exercising on a trampoline is also relatively low impact so it’s the perfect class to achieve a high level cardio workout whilst being mindful of your joints and their limitations.

Most of your equipment will be provided by your trainer, which means the classes are a little more niche than a standard dance class. 

Boogie Bounce is one of the leading providers of trampoline workouts, and their website is a great resource for finding classes in your local area.

alternative fitness class 2

Even depending on where you are and how far you’re willing to travel, this strange fitness class is very reasonably priced with most classes staying in the £5-£8 range.

#20 – Body Combat

Body Combat is a trademarked fitness class from Les Mills and is a high intensity exercise regime based around the kicks, punches and jumps derived from various martial arts forms.

alternative fitness class 3

You don’t need to know any formal martial arts to take part in this unusual fitness class though. The instructor will guide you through each movement, along with variations to cover everyone’s ability level.

Body Combat workouts are a brilliant way to boost your body confidence as well as releasing any stress and tension you’ve been carrying through your day. The intense regime will also improve your coordination and flexibility which can carry over to the rest of your daily life.

This is obviously a formalised class that requires special training to lead, which is why it’s more commonly offered in gyms and health resorts like PureGym and Nuffield Health. 

If you like the idea of this kind of class, why not check out our guide on how to become a Body Combat instructor?


#21 – Parkour

quirky fitness classes 2

Although the roots of Parkour are French, it’s definitely risen to be one of the most popular alternative fitness classes across the UK. 

Parkour is also known as freerunning, and participants are encouraged to get creative and use a combination of running, flips and jumps to navigate their surroundings and travel over and under the obstacles in their path. 

Whilst you’ve probably seen freerunning videos in cities and urban environments, classes take place on specialised obstacle courses so that you can learn the moves with a reduced risk of injury. 

If you love running and training outside, this could be the alternative fitness class for you! 

unusual fitness class 3

Parkour is a great cardio exercise whilst offering you the chance to improve your coordination and practical strength as you flow around the obstacles. You also learn how to think on the fly as you quickly decide the best route for moving to where you intend to get to.

You’re looking at around £10 per session for this unusual fitness class in London, whereas it’ll be slightly cheaper elsewhere in the country. Jump in Leicester and Coventry charge around £8 per class, whilst Airborn Academy offer memberships starting at £30 a month which will get you 4 classes.

#22 – Indoor Climbing

quirky fitness classes

Indoor climbing is a great entry into the world of unusual fitness classes for a full body workout. Here you also have a couple of options to choose from depending on your strength and skill levels.

As a beginner, you’re better starting on regular climbing walls where you’re securely held by a rope and harness as you climb. This is a safety net that means there’s something to catch you when/if you fall which is reassuring for newbies.

As you get stronger you may want to move over to bouldering, which is typically rope free. But with bouldering, you don’t climb as high and the ground is padded with thick mats for when you come down.

There are indoor climbing facilities all over the UK that offer varying levels of formalised teaching and free climb time depending on what you’re looking for. 

For example, Awesome Walls has the facilities for both rope climbing and bouldering, including some courses with auto-belays if you want to get some solo workouts.

alternative fitness class 4

Drop-in sessions average at around £10 a go, with some venues offering memberships that grant you unlimited climbs for a set price of around £30 a month. You’ll also get access to exclusive members-only events and deals, so it’s well worth it if you feel climbing is the alternative fitness class for you.

#23 – Buggy Fit

unusual fitness classes uk 4

Last on our list is for all you parents out there who may be struggling to fit exercise around a new baby!

Buggy Fit is an informal alternative fitness class that is great for parents looking to return to exercise, since there’s no need to find a babysitter. 

As the name suggests, Buggy Fit is largely how it sounds; you either walk, jog, or run whilst pushing the buggy in front of you. You’re getting all of the benefits of cardio intensified by the weight and resistance of a pushchair- like a less intense version of doing a prowler sled push!

Alongside the health benefits, you’re able to spend some quality time with your baby whilst getting some fresh air and time away from the home. 

unusual fitness class 4

These unusual fitness classes also let you connect with other new parents and stop you from feeling so isolated, which is vital for your mental health as you change and adjust to the new elements in your life.

If this is a class that interests you, it’s worth checking with your local medical trust, as some will offer these classes subsidized or free for new parents. 

For example, Liverpool Women’s Hospital has Mamafit, which offers a variety of ante and post-natal unique fitness classes of which you can take advantage.

Benefits Of Alternative Fitness Classes

So, now that we’ve listed the best unusual fitness classes in the UK, you may now be wondering, why not just do a regular type of exercise? Well, these benefits might convince you otherwise!

More likely to commit

unusual fitness classes london 4

Let’s be honest, how many of you have wanted to skip a workout because you were simply bored of doing the same thing over and over?

This is where one of the best things about quirky fitness classes comes in, because they give your fitness routine some variety! This makes it much easier to commit to it. 

If you know you’re going to have fun and look forward to your workout, you’re much more likely to stick with it.

Meet people with similar interests

unusual fitness classes london 3

When you’re working out at the gym, it can be difficult to meet new people. And if you do, they might not have much in common with you apart from an interest in fitness. 

On the other hand, unique fitness classes attract a specific type of person that you’re more likely to have more in common with. 

There are so many social benefits of exercise in general, and even more when you combine it with meeting new people!

If you’ve started at a Buggy Fit class for example, it’ll be safe to assume that most other members are new parents, or at least have a new baby at home. This means you’ll have more to talk about than simply getting fit! 

Combine your interests

unusual fitness classes london 2

A lot of the unusual or weird fitness classes on our list combine your interests with exercise to create a completely unique fitness class. 

This means that you’re going to have more fun and be more mentally stimulated! 

If you love to dance but aren’t looking for formal dance instruction, a class like Bounce fitness or Barre classes will let you practise what you love in a new and engaging way. 

The same could be said for Dog yoga, which lets you spend some quality time around animals, even if you’re not able to have a pet of your own.


How To Find Alternative Fitness Classes

Now that you know the benefits of alternative fitness classes, here are some of the ways that you can find your new favourite exercise class! 

Use Google and social media 

If you’re looking for unusual fitness classes in your area, chances are they’ll have a website, which will then direct you to a contact number or email address where you can get more specific information.

The best way to do this is to simply Google the name of the alternative fitness class you want to do, followed by your location. For example, ‘barre fitness Birmingham’. 

alternative fitness class 5

Social media is also a huge platform that most companies take advantage of to advertise themselves. So why not take advantage of it?

Again, try simply searching the name of the class you want to do, plus your location.

The information is literally at your fingertips, so try different hashtags that centre around your local area that can offer you more specific information about alternative fitness classes in your local area.

Make sure it fits your goals and interests

unusual fitness classes london

We all have different goals and interests, so you need to look for the strange fitness classes that appeal to you. This means figuring out what you want from any new exercises before you get started.

Make a list of what areas you’re looking to improve or what aspects of fitness appeal to you before you try and find any classes.

For example, there’s no point going to a trampoline fitness class if you want to increase your upper body strength! Instead, you’d be better off going to a handstand class, or trying boxercise. 

To help you find the right alternative fitness class for you, why not try setting yourself a SMART fitness goal to make sure that your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. 

Consider availability and location

alternative fitness classes 4

When choosing an alternative fitness class in the UK, where you live can be a huge factor in the amount of classes available to you. 

Unfortunately, if you live in a small town, it’s going to be a lot harder to find the kinds of unique fitness classes you might be interested in.

If you’re willing to travel, your options certainly increase, especially if you live near or can travel to bigger cities. For example, there are dozens of unusual fitness classes in London to choose from, so even if you live just outside of the capital, you could travel in to benefit from the wider choice.

Location can also affect the prices of less common or weird fitness classes too. For example, alternative fitness classes in London and other big cities will typically be more expensive than those in smaller towns. 

Before You Go!

So, which alternative fitness class will you try? We hope at least one of these classes on our list has sparked your interest. 

If you have a passion for fitness, why not help inspire others by enrolling on a L3 PT Diploma? Enquire today to see how you can turn your passion into a career!

Alternatively, you can download our free course prospectus here to browse the full range of courses we offer. 

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