The fitness world is constantly evolving, and virtual personal trainers are one of the newest and most exciting developments in exercise.

Offering all the benefits of a personal trainer, but utilising cutting edge technology to monitor progress, diet, and exercise, virtual personal training is an ideal compromise between face-to-face interaction, and home comforts.

But, while all this sounds incredible, it’s often tricky to find the ideal online virtual personal trainer. 

That’s why OriGym have done the research for you, and sourced what we feel are the best and brightest virtual PTs right now.

Whether you’re looking for the best virtual personal trainer in the UK, or the best online personal trainer and nutritionist, we’ve outlined some of the best options available.


Or, if you’re already familiar with fitness, and are looking to take it that step further, then a career in exercise could be the right move for you.

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What Is A Virtual Personal Trainer?

best online personal trainer uk

While this may seem a little basic, it’s important to begin by explaining what an online (or virtual) personal trainer is (we’ll be using these terms interchangeably), and what they do, so that you can make an informed decision, and see the results you want to see.

A virtual personal fitness trainer is, as you might expect, a coach or personal trainer that works online to provide professional dietary and exercise advice that you can then implement at home.

They’ll speak with you (usually multiple times a week) and arrange plans and regimes that work around your schedule, ensuring that you can ultimately achieve your goals, whether those are centred around weight loss, building strength, improving your health, or just boosting your overall fitness levels. 

They’ll often use specialist personal training software, or nutrition tracking apps (such as MyFitnessPal or Nutrium), to ensure you’re meeting your goals, especially when it comes to macros and weight loss. This also provides a sense of accountability, as you’ll need to submit results and chart your progression towards your goals.

“But aren’t virtual PTs not as good as traditional PTs?”

This is quite an important question when it comes to virtual personal trainers, as many people worry that they won’t get the same level of interaction or service that they would with a more traditional PT. 

We’re here to tell you that that simply isn’t the case. 

Many virtual personal trainers are PTs that have branched out and taken advantage of the vast array of resources available online, integrating their already solid service with apps and software that many of us already have in our pockets.

As we’ve already touched upon, they’ll usually utilise diet tracking software to ensure you’re meeting your macronutrient (usually referred to as “macros”) and calorie intake, which is particularly important for those who have weight loss-oriented targets. 

Virtual personal trainers will also use tracking and spreadsheet software to set up workout plans that are tailored not only to your goals, but also to the equipment available to you at home. 

They may recommend buying a set of adjustable dumbbells, or resistance bands, to ensure you can fully get involved with your exercises, but will usually offer alternatives in the interim, or if you don’t have room in your budget for extra equipment.

Not to mention that with the advent of video calling programs (such as Zoom or Google Meet), consultations, advice, and reassurance are just a short call away. This is often a sticking point for many people, but the readily available nature of these apps means that you’ll always be able to contact your virtual personal trainer no matter where you are!

It’s also worth noting that virtual personal trainers will have completed the exact same training as more conventional personal trainers – a Level 2 & Level 3 personal trainer diploma – meaning they’re equally qualified to dispense advice, tailor workouts, and train you to achieve your goals.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Personal Trainer?

#1 – Easily Contactable

best online personal trainer and nutritionist

Arguably the biggest benefit of having a virtual personal trainer is that they’re easily contactable, and any concerns, queries or worries can be easily addressed.

The impact of this support cannot be overstated – having a virtual personal trainer available whenever you’ve got a question about macros, or are unsure how best to progress, is incredibly beneficial. 

It won’t only be helpful when it comes to seeing physical results – motivation and finding help when you’re struggling with how best to continue can have a huge positive impact on your mental health, and as a result how you feel about exercise and fitness in general.

This change of mindset is one of the lesser discussed benefits of virtual personal training, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less impactful or important than seeing physical results.

Having this positive outlook and an ability to motivate and encourage clients is an integral part of what makes a good personal trainer.

#2 – Offers Tailored Home Workouts

personal trainer virtual

When it comes to exercise and fitness, the gym may not always be an option – whether that’s because your local fitness centres are too busy, or they’re too far away to make it a practical solution, the gym simply might not be feasible. 

That’s where virtual personal training really shines.

Because you’ll be in direct contact with the best online personal trainer (UK) for your needs, you can work together to produce a workout schedule that both accommodates your fitness level, and that accomplishes your goals in a realistic timeframe. 

You and your virtual personal trainer can schedule in a time to video call (possibly using some of the software we mentioned earlier in this article), so you’ll be able to negotiate and work in tandem to strike a balance between your work and life commitments, and incorporating exercise into your routine.

And not to mention that this is all done from the comfort of your own home, meaning no waiting around for a machine you need, as all the workouts you agree upon with your virtual personal trainer will utilise anything you have at home.

#3 – Monitors and Improves Your Diet

online personal trainers reviews

Diet is often a difficult area for many when it comes to constructing and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Understandably so, we feel – it’s often challenging to find the right balance of macros and nutritions, and the right diet creates the base of any successful fitness journey.

A virtual personal trainer removes all the uncertainty and difficulties, and provides you with expert advice on how to incorporate the most nutrient-rich options for your diet.

We’ve already touched upon the ways in which virtual personal trainers can track your food (utilising apps you may already have downloaded to your smart device), but it’s what they do with this data that can really benefit you.

For instance, if your remote personal trainer spots that you’re going over your recommended daily intake of carbohydrates or fats, they might recommend lower fat or low carb alternatives to some of the foods you’re eating.

This expertise will not only mean you can make meaningful, healthy swaps, but you’ll also be able to learn and understand why you’re making these changes. 

The Best Virtual Personal Trainers

LEP Fitness

online personal fitness trainer

LEP Fitness (based in Sheffield) makes it onto our list of the best online personal trainers, and for good reason.

They’re a well-recognised member of the fitness community, having been established for over 10 years, and their founder Nick Screeton has personally completed over “10,000 personal training sessions”.

It was only natural, then, that they would follow the current trends, and translate their excellent service and results-based plans to virtual personal training.

Their virtual personal training services first started in 2015, which means they were not only ahead of the curve, but they’ve had over 5 years to develop and hone their ideas and exercises, ensuring their clients get the best possible service and the best possible results.

They provide bespoke training plans which they guarantee are “fully customised”, and even supply their virtual personal training clients with a book of high performance recipes that they incorporate into their tailored plans.

Not only that, their workouts are delivered online by certified personal trainers, and are tailored both to the equipment you have available to you, and to your overarching fitness level.

But if you’d rather not take our word for it, this virtual personal training provider has hundreds of testimonials from real customers, as well as success stories from a wide range of clients who set goals to achieve everything from muscle toning to weight loss. 

Expand your knowledge of industry career opportunities by examining the highest-paying fitness jobs.

Peter Gaffney PT (PGPT) 

personal training virtual

From humble beginnings, offering bespoke PT programs to the wealthy elite of London, to a fully-fledged business that encompasses virtual personal training, as well as a patented model of how to achieve the biggest and best results possible, PGPT has gone from strength to strength.

It’s now one of the most recognised personal training services across the UK, with a growing number of highly qualified personal trainers joining their ranks, all representing that proven model.

And that’s what really sets Peter Gaffney apart – they have a system that practically guarantees results by focusing on specific, attainable areas that you can maintain, regardless of how busy your lifestyle is. 

That includes “auditing and appraising” your body so you’re aware of what you need to change, providing you with the right foods to boost your metabolism (alongside a bespoke diet plan), and then implementing workout plans that not only fit around your lifestyle, but that provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals.

Not only that, but you’ve got the reassurance of a personal training company that’s delivered over “12,000 hours” of PT sessions, as well as a team with substantial experience across a vast range of fitness industry roles.

The beauty of the PGPT blueprint, though, is that it not only provides you with the results you’re looking for in the short term, but it also sets you up to make healthy lifestyle choices for the future, too.

Red Pill Fitness

personal fitness trainer virtual

Seeking a virtual personal training experience that’s more tailored towards a mature audience? Red Pill Fitness, based in the Shoreditch area of London providing bespoke PT services to those who need a trainer that fits around their schedule, have made the move online, offering their services to exercise enthusiasts across the country.

And their pedigree ensures that they can continue to provide the tailor-made packages they’re well known for. Having worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years, chief trainer Salman Kassam understands the pressures it can bring, and uses that knowledge to bring personalised plans that are not only achievable, but sustainable.

Working alongside two other dedicated trainers and colleagues, you’ll be inducted, and provided with absolutely everything you need to not only succeed, but thrive, too.

What really sets Red Pill apart from other virtual personal trainers, though, is not the focus upon building plans and exercise regimes – it’s the sustainability element that really cements this virtual personal trainer option as one that you can follow even after your training finishes.

The pillars of this online personal trainer’s plans revolve around providing ideas of high energy foods that keep you going throughout the day without the need to snack, as well as teaching you the fundamentals of exercise, so you can construct a healthy lifestyle that fits around your schedule.

Not only that, but the team will provide you with key information on how to boost the metabolism with the right metabolism boosting foods, and how all of these components come together to create a bespoke virtual personal training program that’s specific to you and your body.

Luke Worthington

online virtual personal trainer

If you’re browsing for the best online personal trainers, it’s likely you’ll have already encountered Luke Worthington – his reputation precedes him, and for good reason.

This virtual personal trainer can usually be found providing the highest calibre of training to models, professional athletes, and actors, but has in recent years begun to develop virtual personal training services for the general public.

His place on our list of the top online personal trainers is not because of his reputation as a celebrity personal trainer, however, but rather because his knowledge and understanding of fitness is arguably second to none.

Honing his expertise over the course of 20 years in the fitness industry, Luke has channeled this proficiency into creating several high quality programs that provide not only the results you’re looking for, but instills healthy habits that ensure you can continue to see results even after your virtual personal training experience ends.

Ranging from workouts that only utilise body weight, to regimes that use dumbbells and weights, Luke’s mastery is infused into each one to ensure that you’re able to undertake advanced training methods and take your fitness to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner, or are seeking a virtual personal training style that truly challenges your abilities, Luke’s tried-and-tested programs offer a unique online personal trainer experience.


personal trainers online

If you’ve been searching for a female online personal trainer in the UK, then look no further!

As a strictly women’s only gym, StrongHer’s mantra is simple – to provide bespoke, tailored support for women of all shapes and sizes to achieve their goals, and feel comfortable in their own skin.

This core ideal forms the foundation of their virtual personal trainer program, in that the team at StrongHer are entirely committed to ensuring you can smash past your milestones with bespoke virtual personal trainer support.

You’ll first undergo a consultation with the virtual personal trainer that’s right for you, taking into account your budget, your goals, and your fitness experience. 

This is perhaps where StrongHer excels – unlike many others on our list of the top online personal trainers, StrongHer has an entire team dedicated to delivering your virtual personal training, and your consultation will determine which trainer is ideal for what you want to achieve.

Fitness isn’t (and never has been) a one-size-fits-all solution – this is why StrongHer offer so many options when it comes to virtual personal training, with the aim of ultimately revolutionising online fitness for women across the UK.

Gordon Greenhorn

online certified personal trainer

Next among the best online personal trainers (UK) is professional fitness and nutrition advisor Gordon Greenhorn.

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, this virtual personal trainer hails from Aberdeen, but currently works at his own training gym in London, specialising in “combining personal attributes with a science based approach”.

This scientific strategy ensures that Greenhorn can help his virtual personal training clients achieve results that are not only proven through testimonials, but backed up by data and medical evidence. 

As a former bodybuilder himself, this virtual personal trainer understands the critical importance of proper nutrition and tailored workouts, and that’s exactly what he provides to his clients.

This personal experience not only makes Gordon a great virtual personal trainer for those who are just looking to get started on their fitness journey, but also one of the best online personal trainers for those who want to build muscle quickly and effectively.

With packages starting at as little as £79, this virtual personal trainer offers a superb balance between affordability and quality, ensuring that even those who may be on a tighter budget are still able to receive tailored guidance from one of the best online personal trainers. 

For further information on price, check out OriGym’s comprehensive discussion of online personal trainer prices, which explores exactly what you can expect from your budget.

Jack Moon

online personal trainers

Jack Moon is among the most highly regarded online certified personal trainers out there, with a self professed “10,000 hours of coaching experience”, and a multitude of qualifications, ranging from expertise in body composition to a specialism in strength and conditioning.

This virtual personal trainer focuses on three core principles – “exercise, habits, and foods”. These pillars form the foundation of Jack’s virtual personal training program, instilling those same ideals and principles in his clients.

Jack’s aim with his bespoke virtual personal training program is to create manageable, meaningful changes, rather than implementing impractical, short term ideas. 

For instance, a key part of this virtual personal trainer’s ideas is to offer “simple nutritional principles” that can be applied to everyday life, and slowly become part of your daily routine.

By changing fundamentals, this virtual personal trainer and nutritionist sets out to action long term changes, as well as providing tailored routines and regular virtual personal trainer sessions that burn fat, build muscle and improve your endurance.

If this remote personal trainer sounds ideal, he also offers a completely free consultation session so you can discuss plans, goals, and how you can work together to create a realistic routine specific to you.


Ian – Gym Wolf PT

female online personal trainer

Gym Wolf PT is arguably the complete package – with a custom-designed app that supports your virtual personal training journey, as well as a dedicated remote personal trainer (Ian) to provide guidance and advice, you’re sure to achieve your goals.

This bespoke smartphone app is specifically designed to allow you constant access to your own bespoke virtual personal trainer program. 

While many virtual personal trainers will rely upon 3rd party applications that may incur an extra cost, Ian’s Gym Wolf PT app is always included as part of your virtual personal training package.

You’ll also have direct contact with Ian throughout your time on the virtual personal training program, so even if you just fancy a chat with a personal trainer in a virtual setting, you’ve got that option, too!

Of course, as great as this app is, it wouldn’t be half as effective without the virtual personal trainer support of the Gym Wolf himself.

Ian creates tailored solutions for both dietary advice and tips, and virtual personal training workouts that are specifically designed to meet goals you’ll have already agreed upon in your initial consultation.

Don’t want to take our word for it? This online personal trainer’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the hands-on nature of Ian’s virtual personal training, his constant support, and how he inspires clients to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Collins Fitness

best virtual pt

Established by Adrian Collins in 2015, and all based in an exclusive, privatised gym in London, this prestigious virtual personal training program has earned its reputation through hard work and dedication.

As a certified personal trainer, Collins expanded the intimate nature of his gym in Shoreditch to encompass tailored virtual personal training, and has received plaudits and critical acclaim from publications and clients alike.

What really sets this virtual personal trainer (UK) apart from the crowd are his specialisms, though. 

Having trained in a scientific method of pilates, as well as earning accreditation in strength and conditioning and post-injury training, Collins is arguably one of the best online personal trainers (UK) when it comes to diverse qualifications.

This virtual personal trainer will use this expertise to better tailor your training, and incorporate elements that other virtual personal trainers may never have thought to include.

It’ll also allow your virtual PT to adjust and tweak your sessions, increasing the intensity of key elements as you reach and pass your agreed upon milestones.

Rachel Amies

best online personal trainers uk

Rachel Amies is the definition of a well-travelled virtual personal trainer – combining fitness expertise from the US, the UK, and Australia, this female online personal trainer (UK) aims to tie together her international ideas, and create a bespoke package.

And we feel as though she achieves that. Here’s how.

This female virtual personal trainer’s flagship package combines tailored, bespoke workouts with expert nutrition advice, ensuring you not only achieve your goals (whether that’s weight loss or muscle gain), but maintain those ideals even after your virtual personal trainer sessions end.

This balance is absolutely fantastic, but what really sets Rachel apart from other virtual personal trainers is her focus upon nutrition, and how it can revolutionise not only how you look at food, but how you find your motivation for exercise. 

As part of her virtual personal training and nutrition package, this female online personal trainer (UK) provides meal suggestions to add to your best fitness journal for each day that are specific to your plan and the amount of macronutrients that are part of your intake.

Rachel’s approach combines her robust understanding of personal fitness with a softer, sympathetic side – she believes in taking a “gentle, compassionate approach to coaching”, ensuring that changes can take root and continue to become embedded as part of your daily routine.

Ronan Personal Training

remote personal trainer

As online personal fitness trainers go, you’ll struggle to find one with more industry experience than James Ronan, and his budding company Ronan Personal Fitness. 

With 13 years as a personal trainer, James took his expertise to the Internet, and expanded his business to incorporate virtual personal training and nutritional expertise, allowing him to reach and teach an entirely new audience.

This virtual personal training component isn’t just a second thought, however – they provide bespoke training packages that rival their in-person services, ensuring that those who live a busy lifestyle, or those that simply cannot attend a gym, can still receive the same level of instruction.

One part of this virtual personal trainer program that may not be offered by others are the video guides to exercises that have been included as part of your bespoke virtual personal training program.

Utilising these resources not only allows you to get a much clearer understanding of what you need to do for your assigned exercises, but it’ll also allow you to work on vital elements of exercise, such as form and proper posture.

And with weekly check ins, as well as specialist tracking software provided, you’ll never feel too far away from your next meeting with your virtual personal trainer!

Perpetual Wellbeing – Petra

female online personal trainer uk

When it comes to master personal trainers (or PTs who have a multitude of additional qualifications and specialisms), there are very few that specialise in cancer and injury rehabilitative treatment – Petra at Perpetual Wellbeing is our pick when it comes to highly qualified virtual personal trainers that specialise in bespoke and effective rehabilitation through personal training.

Her years of experience, coupled with a more mature, seasoned outlook, ensures that she’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a virtual personal trainer who understands and can empathise with your aches and pains.

She promises to “work tirelessly with you to create a bespoke training and nutrition program”, ensuring that your virtual personal training program is ideal for you to achieve your goals, whether they’re oriented around weight loss, muscle gain, or just improving your mental and physical health.

As with many virtual personal trainers, her programs and regimes are always driven by their ultimate results, but what sets Petra apart is that she understands how difficult it can be to learn new skills, forms and postures, and employs this compassion to ensure her sessions move at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

This drive towards goals and aspirations doesn’t come without support, though – Perpetual Wellness’ custom built virtual personal training app ensures you’re never far from contacting Petra, whether you’re struggling with a workout or what to have for breakfast.

Henry Ives – H+ Performance

best online personal trainers

With over 7 years of experience in the personal training industry, Henry Ives established H+ Performance to provide tailored fitness to as many people as possible, utilising virtual personal training to ensure that all resources are always available to his clients.

He’s since put his years of expertise to great use, providing tailor-made exercises and nutrition programs for his virtual personal trainer customer, and warranting his place on our list of the top online personal trainers.

While other virtual personal trainers may overcomplicate things, Henry opted to keep things simple – book a consultation, decide on your plans, and get started!

This simplicity does not mean a dip in quality – in fact, it’s the complete opposite. By using such a “barebones” model, this virtual personal trainer can focus on what really makes an impactful and thorough fitness experience.

Henry’s communication is second to none, too – with a weekly, 30 minute check in, as well as constant support through messaging services, and a dedicated virtual personal training app, you’ll never feel stranded when it comes to your virtual personal training.

Not to mention that this virtual personal trainer will take into account your lifestyle and how you can comfortably fit your virtual personal training sessions around your work, social and family commitments.

Fitness With Albert

virtual personal training

The next entry on our list of the top online personal trainers is ideal if you’ve been searching for the ideal combination of a superb personal trainer and nutritionist.

This virtual personal training company was established back in 2019 by actor, professional dancer and online certified personal trainer Albert Linsdell. It began as a humble YouTube channel, and slowly expanded to become a well-recognised virtual personal training service. 

Based in Cambridgeshire, the virtual personal trainer (UK) offers comprehensive packages that combine certified virtual personal trainer sessions delivered in conjunction with tailored diet plans and a bank of healthy, affordable recipes.

Not only that, but, as a trained dancer and creative thinker, Albert promises “fun, effective training”, and ensures that you won’t be subjected to stale or repetitive virtual personal training regimes. 

Albert isn’t among the top online personal trainers for just his creativity and passion, though – his expertise and knowledge will allow you to achieve goals that you’ve set together, and the tailored workouts are specifically established to target the areas you want to work on, whether that’s muscle gain, weight loss, or just improving your overall fitness.

Still unsure? Unlike many personal trainers in the virtual space, Albert offers a totally free consultation at a time that’s convenient for you, so you can discuss your goals, and how compatible you’d be on your fitness journey.

Enjoying our list of the best personal trainers online? Here’s a couple more articles we think you’ll enjoy:

Rachel Ratcliffe

top online personal trainers

Rachel’s approach to virtual personal training is tailored to each and every individual – while some virtual personal trainers may use methods that have worked for others, this virtual PT creates entirely new, bespoke plans that can revolutionise your lifestyle.

What exactly do we mean by that?

This virtual personal trainer takes into account everything, ranging from your current dietary habits, to your long term goals, to your budget, and ensures that every element of your plan is specifically tailored to you and your body.

She put her experience as a personal trainer in a nationwide chain of gyms to excellent use, providing a bespoke but down-to-earth approach in her virtual personal trainer sessions. 

This female online personal trainer (UK) not only specialises in providing tailored workouts that ensure you can build muscles and tone the areas you want to, but she’s also got a proven track record of helping her clients to shed weight and go above and beyond their goals.

Still unsure? Rachel’s comprehensive testimonials section highlights just some of her virtual personal trainer success stories, showcasing her friendly yet firm approach, and easy to follow yet effective plans.


Lottie-Daisy – The Lottie Method

virtual personal trainer

What first began as exercise classes took off, and The Lottie Method has now expanded to bring Lottie-Daisy’s signature method of instruction to the world of virtual personal training.

Combining an energetic, bubbly approach to exercise with a serious passion and knowledge of personal training (virtual and in-person), Lottie-Daisy creates plans that can be both fun and incredibly impactful.

This female online personal trainer (UK) utilises her knowledge of group exercise classes and more traditional personal training to provide stellar guidance on posture and form, and how you can adjust and tweak your workouts to see the results you want from your virtual personal trainer sessions.

Her work with reality TV stars and other high profile clients has ensured she’s able to tailor workouts to fit any aspirations, whether that’s toning and strengthening, or weight loss and management.

This links in to what really confirms Lottie-Daisy’s position on our list of the top online personal trainers are her testimonials – with overwhelmingly positive reviews and reports from clients, she continues to impress and inspire, with praise for everything from her “motivating personality” to the “challenging workouts”.


Jake Wood

virtual pt

As far as independent online personal trainers go, Jake Wood is fast becoming one of the most recognised and renowned trainers. Here’s why.

While this online virtual personal trainer’s approach to exercise is similar to many of the PTs we’ve already looked at (with a focus on correcting misconceptions and addressing issues with diet, as well as customised workout regimes), Jake places the onus on the client.

His belief is that, by providing you with bespoke tools, virtual personal training plans and “24/7 support”, you can implement changes that are not only meaningful to your life and what you want to achieve, but that you can maintain in the long run, and change for the better.

Jake’s constant support is coupled with biweekly sessions over video calling software, ensuring you’ve always got a personal trainer virtual meeting to look forward to, where you can discuss the highs and lows of your week, how you can move forward with your plans, and what you can do to achieve your next SMART goal.

And for just £80 a month for Jake’s virtual personal training program, it’s not only great for your health, but your budget will thank you too!

How Do I Become A Virtual Personal Trainer?

fitness trainer virtual

As we discussed earlier in this article, virtual personal trainers follow the exact same rigorous qualification procedure that more traditional, in-person PTs do.

The reason for this is not just to guarantee that all personal trainers are qualified on an equal level, but also to ensure that (regardless of who a person chooses to train with) all clients receive an incredibly high standard of tutelage, knowledge, expertise and guidance across their fitness journey.

However, there are some minor differences between how you achieve certification for virtual personal training, and for more conventional personal training. 

OriGym’s comprehensive guide on “How to Become An Online Personal Trainer” explains these nuances in greater detail, and fully explores the path you’ll take to become an online personal trainer.

Before You Go!

Our guide to the best online personal trainers aims to provide you with all you need to know to make an informed decision. We’ve explored our picks of the best personal trainers online, and exactly what qualifies them to be on our list.

But if you’re already excelling in exercise, and want to take that passion to the next level, then a career in personal training may be your next step.

OriGym’s L3 PT Diploma are not only the cheapest option available, but they’re the industry leaders in student support, providing unlimited career advice and guaranteed post-course interviews.

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