Personal Trainer Welcome Pack

Once you start onboarding clients, you should think about distributing a personal trainer welcome pack to seal the deal.

This will get clients up to speed on what they’re going to be doing, and welcomes them to your business with a sense of professionalism and exclusivity. With that in mind, we’ll explore:

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Why Is A PT Welcome Pack Important?

personal trainer welcome pack

A personal trainer welcome pack essentially solidifies your new professional relationship between trainer and client and these relationships are crucial to make money as a personal trainer.

If a client has never had a PT prior, or even been to the gym, they might feel a little lost on things like:

  • Where to go
  • How to get in touch
  • What to expect
  • What they need to bring along

Along with many other things that can be unknown for some people, the welcome pack will encapsulate all of this information, and highlight any of the important things they need to not only know, but remember too.

It is a place that clients can refer to should they need to and pulls them out of the dark when it comes to starting up personal training. 

Though you will have your PT consultation and conversations with the client prior, you may miss a thing or two, or your client may simply forget. 

So to avoid you giving an hour long speech, you can put this in a welcome pack. You’re providing clarity, and helping make your client truly feel like a part of the team.

Now that you’re convinced that you need one, let’s take a look at some personal trainer welcome pack ideas to include.

Essential Things To Include In A PT Welcome Pack

#1 – Start Your PT Welcome Pack With A Letter 

personal trainer welcome pack ideas

First and foremost, you want to get off on the right foot with your new client. 

A great way to do this is to introduce yourself and your business in a welcome letter. This would fit best at the very front of your welcome pack, and offers a great way to begin that client-trainer relationship.

It should be an informal interaction, something that will build a great relationship between the two of you. This should include a ‘thank you’ to begin with. 

Thank the client for choosing you and starting their journey into fitness – you want to make sure that they aren’t regretting any decision in choosing you, so you should be continuing the sales pitch in some regard. 

This means getting your client excited about actually getting in the gym, and calming any nerves they may have about starting. Luckily, this can all be done in a welcome letter. 

personal trainer welcome pack template

As well as a general welcome, you should also tell them what is included in the pack they’ve been given. It is simple to introduce this  here’s a quick example:

“In this welcome pack, you will find what to expect on your first day and throughout your journey, including:

  • Contact details
  • Summary of services
  • What to expect from me as your trainer”

This gives a clear overview of how this welcome pack is going to help them and what they can refer to it for. 

Finally, give your welcome pack a personal touch by signing off with your name or signature. If you want to make it even more personal, address it to the client directly at the start of the welcome letter, and be sure to use inclusive language like,‘Let’s do this together’.

All of this encapsulated into a personal trainer welcome pack will create a warm welcome, and ease any anxieties new clients may have.

#2 – Ensure That Your Personal Training Welcome Pack Includes Your Contact Details

personal training welcome pack

This is a super important part of the welcome pack and should be near the front. The best place is straight after your welcome letter so it is easily accessible if they need to contact you.

You should ensure that you include the following: 

  • Payment details and payment plan for that client
  • Contact number (ensure to include your working hours)
  • Email address
  • Social media handles

Prior to the welcome pack, you should have finalised your chosen personal trainer payment methods and structure. This is subjective to how you handle your payments and whether you take them on a session by session basis, as packages, or in a monthly block. 

Your payment details and plan on this page could lay out all options in case your client needs to change their payment methods at any point. 

personal training welcome pack template

But, you should at least highlight what it is that you and the client have decided on, and include how they should pay correctly.

A contact number and email address are also vital, especially as you need to ensure that you’re contactable even outside of session times but, in order to set boundaries for yourself, you should include your working hours. 

This might look something like this:

Contact Number: +44123456789 (Working Hours: Mon-Fri / 9-5) 

This way, they understand clearly when you’re contactable, and you won’t be overwhelmed with calls on your days off. 

Having your email address is important for requests that might not be as urgent. However, you can put an aimed response time so they know that it isn’t hitting an inbox that won’t be looked at. 

For example you could put something along the lines of:

Email Address: (Contactable 24/7; aim to respond in 1-2 working days) 

Finally, your personal trainer social media handles are a great way for your clients to keep up with you and anything that is happening in your business. 

For example, group class schedules or events can be advertised there and is a place for your clients to meet one another and build a community. 

For example, take a look at just the Instagram bio of this PT company, which directs the user to a wide range of different services:

pt welcome pack

Being contactable as a personal trainer is extremely important. It can make or break your business, so being as clear as possible is non-negotiable.

#3 – Include A Detailed Summary Of All Of Your Services

pt welcome pack template

Although your client has already decided what they want from you, you should always be looking to sell, and a welcome pack is a great way to list out everything that you offer.

You may offer services that complement their 1-2-1 sessions well. 

For example, if you hold group fitness classes, or you hold a yoga teaching qualification, this is a great place to show this off.

Considering they’ve already invested in you and trust you, you’re much more likely to sell any other services much more easily should the opportunity arise. 

This is why it is a good idea to invest into CPD fitness courses or anything that will boost your repertoire of qualifications. 

This way, you have more potential revenue streams, and should your client leave your 1-2-1 personal training, they may want to switch onto a yoga class plan or kettlebell classes. 

pt welcome pack templates

However, you should always be detailed about it. Avoid simply listing off your qualifications, and instead list the actual services you offer, and how you put these qualifications into practice. 

Find a happy medium of being detailed enough, but not filling your welcome pack up with paragraphs of unnecessary information.

For example, it could look something along the lines of this:

“Small Group Yoga Sessions | £5 per Class”

Relax and unwind with a yoga session. Different styles are performed every week so you get to experience the ins and outs of yoga until you find your favourite. Get your first class FREE and meet like minded people in an intimate class size.

You can list exactly what you offer here, aiming to keep it to just one page of your welcome pack.

It is a great place for clients to refer to should they want to expand on their 1-on-1 sessions, and you can put exclusive discounts in here too since they have already signed up with you. 

This provides even more incentive to stay with you for the long term, whether that be in classes or 1-2-1s.

#4 – Your Personal Training Welcome Pack Needs To Include What To Do On Your First Session

personal training welcome pack example

It can be intimidating to go to your first PT session and, for many, this might be the first time they’ve ventured to other areas of the gym before. 

With that in mind, you should lay out what they need to bring along and what to do on the day of their first session. 

Try to make it as minimal as possible. You don’t want to overwhelm your client, plus there isn’t much they need to bring along anyway!

All you need to mention are things such as:

  • The address of the gym
  • A meeting point
  • Where to park or nearest transport links
  • To bring along a bottle of water and a gym towel

These are the basics, and pretty much all you need to tell them. After the first session, this will become second nature, but you should avoid assuming that people feel confident enough to ask around the gym to find you.

You should be prepared and ready to greet your client. It could damage your reputation if you leave them standing outside not knowing where to go.

Remember, you want to make them as comfortable as possible – first impressions are everything!

– – – – 

For some helpful resources on how to compliment your PT welcome pack, refer to our articles below:

#5 – One Of Your Personal Trainer Welcome Pack Ideas Could Include Bonus Features

personal training welcome pack examples

As well as the basics and the components that you need to have in your personal trainer welcome pack, there are some small additions that you may want to consider to make it useful and show you go the extra mile for your clients.

Ultimately, you don’t want this welcome pack to go in a drawer to never be looked at again, or even worse, straight in the bin!

Since it has things like your other services in, you want them to keep it around even after they have left you. 

You could put your personal touch on it by adding things like a muscle map, so they can see what muscles they’ve been working, especially if they have DOMS.

personal training welcome pack examples

Similarly, you could put things like timetables in. You could potentially laminate this page and provide a board marker so they can fill in their session timetable each week. 

This would help them keep up to date with any changes to the schedule as, though it often stays uniform week on week, there are bound to be changes from time to time. 

Though these aren’t completely necessary, it does add a personal touch and gives the client much more incentive to keep your welcome pack to hand!

#6 – Include FAQs in Your Personal Trainer Welcome Pack

how to create a personal training welcome pack

More often than not, your client is going to have questions, and they may have questions that they forget to ask or do not have the confidence to do so. 

That being said, it would be a good idea to have a short page with some frequently asked questions that you feel are relevant. 

These might include things like:

  • Do you have sessions available on a 24hr basis for those who work nights?
  • Why can’t you prescribe me a meal plan?
  • Should I be working out outside of our sessions?

You may have more relevant questions in accordance with your business, but these are some generic examples that people may wonder about.

For example, since as a PT alone you cannot prescribe a meal plan, your client may be wondering why they haven’t received one yet and don’t want to ask why. This is a good place to explain that you aren’t actually qualified to do so. 

Following this, you could put a small statement at the bottom reading something along the lines of:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or ask me in your next session – you might be helping somebody out if I put them on my FAQs!

The Ultimate Personal Training Welcome Pack Template

how to create a personal trainer welcome pack

Rather than copying and pasting a PT welcome pack template, we suggest you make it your own. 

That’s why in this section, we have put together an easy-to-follow guide on what to include on your pages and the best way to do this, as well as some of the best softwares to utilise.

Page 1-2 | Components to Include

Welcome Letter & Contact Details

First, you want your most important sections front and centre. Therefore, it is a good idea to have this as two pages that are next to one another so they don’t have to turn a page.

The layout and structure could look something along the lines of this:

personal trainer welcome pack

You can then put your own twist on it by:

  • Using your own branding colours
  • Embedding your logo
  • Injecting creativity 

The point is, the basics should be immediately available while not overrunning the pages filled with information that clients simply won’t read.

Page 3-4 | Components to Include

A Summary Of All Of Your Services

Earlier, we spoke about the importance of having a section that includes an overview of all the services that you offer, not just the one they have opted for. 

This is a good place to put that in since it isn’t too pushy by being on the first page, but is also close enough to the front that they are likely to read it thoroughly. 

You should try to make this section on-brand and keep it to an open fold two A4 pages, just like our previous example template. Of course, how much this takes up depends on how many services you actually offer so adjust accordingly. 

It might only take up one page but refer to our suggested approach in #3 to understand how to actually communicate your services in a succinct yet informative manner. 

However, when it comes to layout and structure in terms of aesthetics, you can see a template on how you might want to structure this below.

personal trainer welcome pack

As you can see, you could potentially split the pages into two, one side with the services you offer and one with the prices.

Spreading it out this way makes it more clear and concise and ultimately, less overwhelming with writing.

Page 5-6 | Components to Include

First Session: What to do & FAQs

Lastly, ensure you include what you want your clients to do on the first session and the all important FAQs. 

Again, keep these pages on-brand and be creative with how you design this, structurly, you can take inspiration from our example below in terms of placement and how you might want to approach this.

personal trainer welcome pack

Essentially, your what to do section is to rid the client of any first-day anxieties they might have. Thus, you want to make it as simple as possible so that they realise that it truly isn’t as scary as they may think!

Similarly, your FAQs are acting as the same sort of tool. FAQs put the client at ease and answer questions they may otherwise be wondering, it shows that they’re not the only client asking questions that they may find ‘silly’ or ‘obvious’.

These are two sections that are really effective in terms of ending the welcome pack on a positive note and making them feel like a part of the team.

Best Softwares to Utilise when Creating a Personal Trainer Welcome Pack

personal trainer welcome pack examples and ideas

Speaking of Canva, there are so many different softwares that can help you to create a professional looking PT welcome pack, even if you have no experience. 


Canva is a hugely popular platform due to the fact that you can utilise most of the features without paying a penny. 

It’s never been easier to incorporate some aesthetics and creativity into your welcome pack, just look below at the results for an FAQs template on Canva.

personal trainer welcome pack

There are almost 3,000 results for you to use. You can keep this same theme and carry it over to your ‘what to do on your first session’ page so they blend nicely together.

From pre-designed templates to blank canvases where you can add your chosen elements, they have a plethora of resources to help you design and download your very own on-brand welcome pack.


Another alternative altogether is hiring a freelancer to do the hard work for you. 

Fiverr has tons of freelancers who have a wide range of skill sets. Simply search the site and sift through relevant professionals – it’ll look something like our example below:

personal trainer welcome pack

There are over 30,000 freelancers for an e-book, which is a great option if you decide that you want a paperless welcome pack. 

It is super easy to navigate, take a look below at what these results look like. 

personal trainer welcome pack

They show their rate and what they do. Now, while these results are based on the relevant search of an ebook, you can search anything you need and plenty of freelancers’ adverts will come up.

Though this is a good option, there are more benefits to having a hard copy, since you can include the likes of our aforementioned timetables that clients can write on and it is much easier to keep around than getting lost in an email inbox or even accidently deleted.

Vista Create

Vista Create is a branch of what you might know as VistaPrint, who are widely popular for the likes of personal training business cards

You can use this service for free, just like canva, but you can also opt for a pro membership for under £10 which grants you access to all of their features. 

Similarly to Fiverr, you can create an eBook yourself. As you can see below, it is for free and they take you through the process, you can find their page for eBooks here.

personal trainer welcome packs

As well as that, if you’re new to this kind of design, there are helpful tutorials that you can watch to create the most professional looking piece possible on a budget!

Before You Go!

With our guide, you now have everything you need to put together your personal trainer welcome pack ideas, and realise the importance of having this as a part of your client onboarding process.

If you want to list more services on your welcome pack, and offer a more comprehensive service, why not take some further education courses and develop a specialism. 

Find out about our Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course here as well as many more in our downloadable course prospectus.

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