Are you looking for a yoga ball chair to finally end your long office hours of neck and back pain? Well, you’re in the right place, as we’re going to offer 15 of the best products the market has to offer, so you can take your love for yoga on the go!

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What is a yoga ball chair?

A yoga ball chair is essentially a fitness ball that has been repurposed as a stability ball chair for work. A round ball that you inflate, usually made from thicker PVC or rubber, they’re durable and anti-burst.

You may be thinking, why are they used as a substitute for a regular office chair? Well, the truth is that they’re generally considered to improve core strength and posture due to the adjusted seating position, compared to a standard office chair.

So, read on to find the balance ball chair review that will convince you to invest and strengthen your core in no time!

#1 – Zenergy Yoga Ball Office Chair

Price: £233.26

yoga balance ball chair uk

Winner of the Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement, the Zenergy exercise ball office chair comes with the option of either a breathable polyester mesh or easy-clean vinyl. Whichever premium cover you choose, they stylishly disguise an inflatable, anti-burst ball in a colour pop package perfect for millennial office spaces.

This stability ball chair for work is backless with no armrests to help encourage you to sit straight and engage your abdominal muscles whilst sat at your desk. The seat is 23″ inches high when inflated, is available in two size options so you can match your desk height perfectly, has durable steel legs with stationary glides to help the chair move easily from space to space leaving floorings scratch-free, and every purchase comes with a brilliant quality air pump to inflate the internal Swiss ball.

As well as their original alternative desk chair, Zenergy offers a 360 swivel version with a rubber-moulded anti-skid base to promote even more movement during your working day. Available in eight colours, the Zenergy balance ball desk chair is for anyone seeking all the benefits of a yoga ball without disrupting the aesthetic of their working space with a gym-ready exercise ball.

#2 – Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair

Price: £73.88

gaiam yoga ball chair

From global yoga brand Gaiam, this yoga ball work chair is the newer model of yoga desk chair from Gaiam, it’s also the best known and most popular and for good reason. This Gaiam yoga ball desk chair is one of the only available which fits easily against the small of the back with a cushioned, height adjustability backrest.

A plus for some, especially when sitting for long hours at their desk, others consider this a negative as the lack of lower back support provided by traditional yoga ball chairs contributes to abdominal core strengthening.

The Gaiam is a stability ball and chair hybrid which can be used together or the ball removed and used to work out with, it’s available in nine colours, has good grip, comes with an air pump, has 5 easy-glide lockable wheels to put the yoga ball and chair together, a spare plug, and a workout guide on how to get the most fitness benefits from using your Gaiam yoga ball as a desk chair.

The desk chair and yoga ball combined have a diameter of 19.9″ inches (medium), are latex-free, and are designed for users between 5′ feet and 5’11” inches tall. If you’re above 5’11”, two-inch leg extenders are available for purchase from Gaiam. Ultimately, this will fit most desks and is still comfortable for long periods of sitting.

Alongside the Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Chair is the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair which has no lumbar support, encouraging better posture as you work to balance yourself without aid, and gently engaging core muscles for long hours. For core workouts, better mobility and better posture, both chairs from Gaiam are two of the best from a reputable brand.

#3 – Trideer Exercise Ball Chair

Price: £11.99 – £159.31

chair balance ball

The Trideer balance ball chair is the best yoga ball chair for added features, as not only is it anti-burst and hypoallergenic, but it also has a non-slip coating and is incredibly easy to inflate. What more could you need?

Well, there is more! The Trideer yoga ball balance chair comes in a range of sizes: up to 33″ inches inflated for users between 5’11” and 6’4″ in height. It’s also available in five colour options, including black, dark blue, silver, turkis, and dark blue, and every purchase includes a quick-inflation foot pump, two additional air stoppers, a 30-day no-hassle return period and a 12-month warranty.

Non-slip, the Trideer stays put while you work, or workout, and is brilliant for injury recovery, building abdominal strength and improving posture.

To help maintain your fitness and keep track of your progress, invest in one of the best fitness journals and really see your improvements and growth!

As well as being one of the best exercise ball chairs with 4.6 stars on Amazon UK from over twelve thousand ratings, the Trideer can withstand punishment with it’s extra-thick exterior: it’s one of the highest density exercise ball chairs available, being able to handle up to 2200lbs, making it one of the best yoga chair balls for high-impact workouts.

#4 – Vivora Luno Office Chair Stability Ball

Price: £64.12 (in anthracite)

yoga chair ball

Patented, the Vivora Luno ball chair has an urban, clean and sporty look that’s available in either a suede leatherette or olefin cover, with colour options such as “Anthracite”, “Chenille” part of Vivora Luno’s artisan series, and “Clay” amongst others.

The stability ball inside is made with premium, anti-burst PVC, and the chair features an extra-thick handle for easy transportation. The sleek looking covers are conveniently machine washable, and features a non-slip grip for safe, stable working. The Vivora Luno office stability ball chair has a user weight limit of 400lbs.

Self-standing, the Vivora Luno chair balance ball doesn’t require a base for stability and won’t roll off once you get up, which is a great added feature (and means that you won’t roll over any of your colleagues!). It does require a minimum desk height of 26″ inches in order to be utilised as an office chair stability ball properly.

Whilst designed with the office in mind, the Vivora Luno will work as an exercise ball for yoga and Pilates as well as a smart balance ball office chair, making this stability ball a luxurious complement to the workout studio and the office alike.

#5 – Bintiva Office Yoga Ball Chair

Price: £47.11 – £65.69

balance ball chair review

This office yoga ball chair from Bintiva is another modern yet affordable option for increasing core muscle engagement and leg strength whilst sitting at your desk.

This yoga balance ball chair has a removable, zippered and machine washable cover that’s available in a canvas or felt finish, and three soft, muted shades of ‘Ash’, ‘Crimson’, or ‘Dark Grey’. Whichever shade you picked would look perfect against any urban, minimalist and modern professional space.

For a feather-soft and streamlined appearance, the Bintiva stability ball chair has inverted centre seams which are smooth and comfortable to sit on. The ball itself is heavy-duty and also anti-burst. Binvita’s yoga ball chair cover has an inbuilt handle to help you conveniently move it from space to space, and as it measures 25″ inches in diameter it’ll fit into any office space and is perfect for anyone up to 5′ foot 10″ inches looking to improve their posture and core.

The Bentiva is the best yoga ball chair for a stable, sturdy, and stylish chair, and every purchase includes a foot air pump for smooth inflation. Plus, if you’re looking to do more office (or home!) workouts but need some inspiration, check out our lists of the best fitness DVDs and best kettlebell workout DVDs for great workouts.

#6 – URBNFit Exercise Ball Chair

Price: £20.62 – £144.12

office chair stability ball

Recommended by professional athletes such as Tiki Barber, former New York Giants running back who described it as “A great way to keep your core engaged at the office”, this is the best yoga ball chair for a high quality product with a fantastic pop of colour.

URBNFit’s stability chair ball is anti-burst, and is available in 9 vivid colour options including white, black, green, red, blue, pink, silver, teal, and purple. It also comes in multiple diameters, even up to a large 33″ inches, perfect for as a large yoga ball chair for everyone, including those over 6 feet tall.

The URBNFit Exercise Ball Chair is made from high-quality, thick, sturdy PVC without any strong synthetic plastic smells, can be quickly inflated in minutes, and has an essential non-slip surface. Each one comes with a quick, dual-action inflation pump, a free workout guide, two air stoppers, and can handle up to 2000 pounds of pressure before bursting.

For even more stability at your office desk, URBNFit also sells their Exercise Ball Stand separately which works universally with all of their fitness balls.

URBNFit’s Exercise ball is a classic, quality balance ball perfect for yoga, Pilates, back pain, pregnancy, improving posture, and which doubles as a premium, large yoga ball chair for office spaces.

#7 – COOLDOT Stability Ball Desk Chair

Price: £59.99

yoga ball computer chair

Another chic, unique and office-ready design for a stability ball desk chair, the COOLDOT will support you during office hours and provide an effective yoga workout whenever you need.

The COOLDOT yoga balance ball chair is available in 4 suave colours, grey, blue, brown and burgundy, all constructed with a 100% polyester fabric and a soft suede-like feel and zipper. The cover is anti-slip so you won’t find yourself sliding off halfway through important emails. Plus, for easy moving around your office space the COOLDOT yoga ball work chair also has a handle built into its cloth cover with the COOLDOT brand logo name.

The internal stability ball is anti-burst, and whilst only available in a single size of 25″ inches, the COOLDOT will work comfortably for anyone up to 5′ foot 11″ inches.

With a patented self-standing design this stability ball desk chair is stable on any surface and dual functional, a combination of fitball and desk chair, the COOLDOT can be used for strength workouts, yoga, and Pilates and in offices for active sitting for core training, posture and stronger back muscles.

If you feel you need a bit more support during your yoga practice as well, then have a look at our article on the best yoga straps for a little extra assistance.

#8 – WISEMAX Exercise Ball Chair

Price: £46.16

large yoga ball chair

The WISEMAX is the best yoga ball chair on this list for being a complete package deal. Not only do you get a high quality fitness ball, but several accessories and additions that will turn your standard office chair yoga ball into a whole office workout.

This balance ball chair comes with a 19.7″ inch diameter ring base to sit the yoga ball on for extra stability at your desk, which we think is a fantastic feature that will help those just starting out and wanting to take their office fitness at a slower pace. Not only that, but it also comes with two 15lbs to 20lbs resistance bands with hand straps, five resistance loop bands, an inflation measurement tape, a quick inflation foot air pump, spare air plugs, and an A3 size poster of +50 step by step suggested exercises to use with the WISEMAX. Definitely not just a stability ball office chair!

One of the strongest and safest exercise ball chairs on the market, the WISEMAX exercise ball chair is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and anti-burst with extra-thick walls. Available in black and grey, the WISEMAX will do everything you want a yoga ball chair to do and more.

Perfect for training balance, core strength, relieving back pain and correcting posture, this is a great balance ball chair for UK shoppers, and the fact that the WISEMAX has 4.5 stars from almost a hundred ratings on Amazon, and WISEMAX also offer a 30 day no hassle returns, should definitely convince you to add to cart.

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#9 – INTENT SPORTS Yoga Ball Chair 

Price: £40.39

yoga ball chair reviews

The Intent Sports Yoga ball chair is another fantastic option for those that want a little extra with the exercise ball chair, as this comes with a great range of accessories.

The Intent Sports Yoga ball chair is super lightweight so can easily go with you from the office to the gym, and is available in 5 vibrant shades: black, grey, turquoise, pink and purple. Sturdy and durable, this yoga ball work chair is made from layered, non-toxic, structured PVC, which is able to support up to 2000lbs of pressure before bursting.

This exercise ball chair for UK customers comes with an inflatable ring base for added stability at your desk, and both the ball and the ring are easy to inflate. Additionally, every purchase comes with adjustable resistance bands for stretching exercises, and Intent Sports include exercise videos, a workout guide and a user manual when purchasing through Amazon UK.If all that wasn’t enough, then you also get a 100% money-back guarantee for some added financial security.

Has the thought of increased fitness grabbed your interest? Check out our article on whether you should become a personal trainer, and see if this career would suit you!

#10 – DynaPro Yoga Balance Ball Chair

Price: £39.65

office chair yoga ball

An Amazon UK best seller for five consecutive years, 2015 to 2019, the DynaPro yoga ball balance chair is not only hugely popular, but also great quality and long lasting.

The DynaPro Exercise Ball Chair is tough and durable, holds its air pressure nicely, and conveniently inflates within several minutes. With a tear-resistant exterior, this yoga chair ball has excellent stability and, additionally, has been designed to deflate slowly, so if you suffer a puncture you shouldn’t need to worry about safety issues.

Made with a non-slip, ribbed PVC body with a thickness of 1,877 micrometres, this is one of  thickest exercise balls available on the US market, and available in four sizes up to 29″ inches, this balance ball chair is perfect as active office seating for anyone up to 6′ feet tall.

Plus, with horizontal contours running the ball’s outer circumference you’ll be much less likely to slip off, and it can withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure before bursting. The DynaPro is available in seven super bright colours, and comes with a hand pump.

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#11 – Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair

Price: £29.97

balance ball chair uk

Recommended by personal trainers, physical therapists and independently tested, the Mantra Sports exercise ball is a brilliant and affordable option for strengthening core muscles and posture whilst working at your office desk.

Constructed with an anti-burst, gym-quality exterior, and featuring a unique watermelon pattern to prevent sliding, the Mantra Sports stability ball chair will fit into pretty much any office space, and with 3 different sizes you’ll be able to find one that’s comfortable for your height and desk size.

Their full package includes the Mantra Sports yoga ball work chair, inflatable ring base, two spare plugs, inflation tape measure, foot pump, a pair of fully adjustable resistance bands to make your workout more challenging, plug remover, and a fully illustrated, step-by-step wall poster of suggested exercises. Mantra Sports really has thought of everything to really get your core working out!

With each purchase Mantra Sports provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and with a video how-to for setting up and exercising with the Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair, you can launch immediately into Pilates, yoga, resistance programs, full-body workouts, and CrossFit. We think this is the best yoga ball chair for value for money, being cheaper than a lot of other office chair yoga balls on this list.

#12 – Live Infinitely Balance Ball Chair

Price: £20.28 – £30.08

stability ball desk chair

The Live Infinitely Balance Ball Chair, is one of the most durable exercise balls available at a brilliant price point and is BPA, Latex, heavy metal and phthalate-free.

It’s available in five different sizes and eight colours, blue, green, grey, purple, and silver, so you’ve got a huge range of options to really customise your desk chair yoga ball to suit you and your office decor. Plus, if you’re looking for other stylish items to fit your office decor then check out our article on the best yoga blankets to really spice up your work environment!

All models are fitted with thick, anti-slip ridges to keep your exercise ball chair stable beneath you whilst you work: strengthen your core and amend those spreadsheets without fear of awkwardly sliding around your office!

The Live Infinitely is also a large yoga ball chair, one of the largest on this list of yoga ball chair reviews, being available in up to 37.4″ inches in diameter which will be comfortable for anyone above 6′ foot 5″ inches.

Durable, able to support up to 2200 pounds of pressure, and made of 0.7 mm thick professional grade PVC, this is the best yoga ball chair for standing up to tough workouts, whether in or out of the office.

The Live Infinitely can come with you from office to gym easily, and every purchase from Amazon UK includes a one year warranty, a hand pump, spare air plugs, and a large library of digital exercise guides and online training workouts.

#13 – Theraband Professional Series Exercise Ball Chair

Price: £29.99

exercise ball chair uk

The TheraBand Pro Series Exercise Ball is a great choice ball from a big name brand in fitness equipment, and their Pro Series Exercise Ball stands up to their reputation.

Slightly more oval than round, this balance ball chair is ridged and sticky for extra safety-enhancing grip. It also has one of the most supportive seatings available in exercise ball chairs, being constructed with thick, weighty PVC, although fortunately it has no synthetic plastic odour despite this!

The Pro is one of the thickest-walled stability chair balls available, which means it will stand up to high-impact exercises and is extremely durable. This stability ball desk chair will hold air better than most exercise balls, meaning a firmer chair for longer, and much less time spent furiously hand-pumping to re-inflate it to desk height. Significantly, the TheraBand will hold air when punctured deflating slowly and safely, and comes with a tool for removing the plug (and spare plugs).

Available in large sizes (29.5″ inches diameter) for the taller or longer-legged, this is a bouncy and firm yoga ball computer chair with excellent grip; the Theraband Pro Series Exercise Ball shows outstanding performance with a firmness which can’t be faulted.

#14 – Mind Body Yoga Ball Chair

Price: £24.99

yoga ball desk chair

With over 1000 ratings and an average 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon UK, the Mind Body Yoga Balance Ball Chair is a high quality chair that comes at a very affordable price.

The Mind Body office yoga ball chair is made from heavy-duty, professional-grade PVC which is hypoallergenic, and constructed to be anti-burst. It can handle up to 2000lbs of pressure, and if punctured this exercise ball chair deflates at a slow, controlled rate. Mind Body Future offers their stability ball chair in two sizes: 25.5″ inches and 29.5″ inches diameters,  allowing you to match your height, leg length and desk size easily. Not only does it hold air well, but it also comes with an inflatable non-slip base for better stability and overall safety.

Available in silver and turquoise, Mind Body Future’s yoga ball chair includes a mini foot pump for an inflated yoga ball in only a few minutes, a measuring tape to help you inflate to the perfect diameter for your desk and height, and an ebook with suggested ball sizes plus training exercises to launch your routine with your exercise ball office chair.

This is a great value buy from Mind Body Future especially when considering the value of the bundle you receive. A wonderful choice for maternity exercises, rehab and physiotherapy and promoting correct posture at your work desk; Mind Body Future offers a 90-day money-back guarantee plus one-year warranty with every purchase.

#15 – CanDo Yoga Ball Chair with Arms

Price: currently unavailable

exercise ball office chair

The CanDo Yoga Ball Chair is one of the very few options available that come with back and arm support, and for that reason and the professional and sleek design it has made on to our list of the best yoga ball chairs.

The design of this chair is much more akin to that of a standard office chair, with an adjustable back, removable arms, and wheeled legs. The chair base adds the usual office convenience to the workout properties of the included yoga ball, making an all-round fantastic option that you can adjust to your seating preferences on that day.

Whilst this yoga ball chair with arms does only come in 22” size, the quality is still high and durable, so whilst the sizing means it won’t be suitable for everyone, those that do invest will be pleased with the overall product.

The ball itself is ribbed and built from non-slip PVC that ensures stability, and the (provided) locking casters for the wheels means you won’t slide off the ball and you won’t slide around the office either!

So, whilst there isn’t a huge variety of choice out there, the CanDo Yoga Ball Chair with arms and back is a great option for those specifically wanting this extra support.


What size yoga ball for a desk chair?

The most common question when buying a stability ball office chair is obviously about the size, and the answer actually isn’t as complicated as you might think. Both your height and weight determine what size you should get but focus on your height.

Here are some general guidelines based on height for figuring out what size yoga ball for a chair you should get:

  • 5’3″ (160 cm) and under: choose a 55 cm (21.7 inch) yoga ball chair
  • Between 5’3″ and 6′ (160 and 182.9 cm): choose a 65 cm (25.6 inch) yoga ball office chair
  • Over 6 feet (182.9 cm): choose a 75 cm (29.5 inch) yoga ball work chair

Other easy ways to figure it out are to measure your current desk chair and add 10cm (4 inch) to the height: so if your chair is 45cm (18 inch) then you would purchase a 55cm (21.7 inch) ball.

Or, if you’ve got an industry standard desk that measures at 76 cm (39 inch) then a 65cm (26 inch) yoga ball desk chair would work as well.

What are the benefits of a yoga ball chair?

yoga ball chair with arms

Do you find yourself regularly experiencing lower back pain, poor posture, and/or neck ache during or after work? Sitting in a standard office chair for long periods of time can cause problems such as these. A yoga ball office chair has a range of benefits that can help combat these, including:

  • Improved posture – the instability of a ball means you need to engage your core and sit straight to remain stable.
  • Reduction in back pain – the increased movement and better posture helps to alleviate back pain caused by sitting in the same position for long periods of time.
  • Stronger core muscles – the constant engagement of your core for stability and the upright position will develop your core much better than a standard chair, and core muscles are essential for protecting your body from injuries, easing and preventing further back pain.
  • Readily accessible workouts – most of these yoga ball chairs can instantly be repurposed as just a fitness ball, meaning you can easily fit in an office workout without having to trek to the gym!
  • Increase in energy and productivity – the increased movement involved with keeping yourself stable on a yoga ball computer chair is purported to aid your ability to focus, and will therefore boost your productivity levels whilst at work at the same time as improving your health.

What is the best yoga ball chair?

There are a few different types of yoga ball office chairs so the best one for you will depend on your own preferences. The need for different sizes as well makes it more difficult to determine the best yoga ball chair as some don’t have the widest range of sizes either.

So, the first step in finding the best chair for you is to figure out what size you need and find a range of stability ball chairs from there: after that you can figure out design, colours, whether you’d prefer a yoga ball chair with arms or a back, all those kind of features which make a big difference.

Before you go!

No doubt you’ve already chucked your boring old office chair out in preparation for your core-busting yoga ball work chair, and honestly, we can’t blame you! Not only do they up your core strength, improve your posture, and keep you focused throughout the day, but some of them look quite stylish too.

If you’d like to improve your practice even further, enrol on OriGym’s Level 3 Yoga Instructing course! After completing this course, you could even teach classes that work in yoga ball chairs!

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